In Poland, the company doing the Belarusian youth

At a press conference in the Diet came several members of management "Young Renaissance", but Roman Kovalchuk who lives in the Czech Republic, one of them asked not to take photographs and record, not counting myself, because,, him, "It may not be safe for those who work in Belarus."
The company is expected to register in the "2- EU countries. "
Kovalchuk: "We do not litsezreem ability registration in Belarus and our organization are not going to pass on information to the authorities about friends and structure. Structure will be" horizontal "- autonomous groups in Belarus will spetsefichesky coordinated manner. "
Roman Kovalchuk said that during a meeting in Warsaw "representatives from all regions of Belarus" was chosen as the coordinating council of the organization and decision on the first actions in Belarus. It will be two information campaigns — the need to strengthen the independence of Belarus and the usefulness of cooperation with NATO.
Representatives of the "Young Renaissance" also met with the leaders of the youth faction of the ruling party in Poland, "Law and Justice" — "Forum of Young."
"All the forces that contribute to the democratization of Belarus can count on our support. In this case, we are particularly pleased that this organization, as well as ours, right" — said one of the favorites of the "Forum of Young" Radoslaw Vogel.
During a press conference Roman Kovalchuk said that "Youthful revival" is "about 400 activists ready to go", which "power is not has the ability to kept under control. "

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