In Poland, the topic of surrogate mothers is an intense debate

"Looking for Mrs. aged up to 30 years, which has agreed to be a surrogate mother, takeaways made from germ cells of the parents," — such ads on specific Web pages do not very many, but they are.
The creators of these ads do not wish to speak to reporters, fearing the likely difficulties first that through the resonance of their future child will know that he has given birth to another woman.
Ms. Katarzyna agreed to kutsee expression only to learn that it is foreign radio, and provided that we change the name.
"Now, to be honest, it’s our only hope. We have about 10 years do everything, to have kids and nothing comes out — says Katarzyna. — What still remains … Gathered enough money, but was lucky to find a lady who already has kids and agreed to assist us completely for free. Decent people. She agreed. "

Malgorzata Nowak: "Ancestors, who can not have kids of their own, most dread the moment of birth."

A lady who wears baby Ms. Katarzyna and her husband, who was pregnant only the second month.
"Very hard realize that they feel — and ancestors, and the surrogate mother. From discussions with those with those know that the ancestors, who can not have kids of their own, most dread the moment of birth, that lady suddenly, they almost hired, that she gave birth to their baby, change my mind and refused to give it up " — says psychologist Malgorzata Nowak, which had own practice in relation to such situations.
It is clear that in Poland there have been several cases where the surrogate mother refuses to give babies born to parents or blackmailed, requiring huge amounts of money, threatening not to give the baby. In such cases the courts, but has never been considered and therefore difficult to judge, in which such a situation could be a sentence.
According to the views of Doctor of Laws Ezhaga Stshabinchyka, all depends on what we consider the beginning of life — human embryo or born child. If the embryo, and (in Poland is very essential) so says the Catholic Church, here, by the doctor, it can be carried on the trade man.

Ryszard Kasprzak: "And what about the surrogate mother is not soulless machines How they survive?"

Sociologist Ryszard Kasprzak in turn draws attention the situation into which the surrogate mother herself:
"You can create all sorts of language constructs, talk about the misery of families who do not have kids. And what about surrogate mothers, it is not soulless machines How they survive What if something happens during pregnancy when the baby is sick — it can happen to him and stay. And as for Actually can happen. "
• take root in Belarus "commercial" Nurse?, 21.06.2007

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