In Rakov on Thursday wives Peri blocks for prevention

In Rakov most famous people — brothers Yanushkevich: Valerian architect, painter and scholar Joseph Felix. Despite the rural status, there is only personal gallery in the country. On an area of 500 m2 — monuments, busts, works of art, a rich local history exhibition: books, household items, documents and unique attributes of the Polish, German and Russian times. Immediately — the only hotel in Rakov classical Belarusian cuisine and drink. A sign above the entrance — the Belarusian Academy of Fine Arts.

Academics without Academy
My guide on the art site — Felix Yanushkevich:
"For us it is important that Rakov remains in the status of the museum. My brother and I were academics Belorussian Academy of Fine Arts. 10 years it lasted, but after the famous decree" Academy non repeal and academics also "finished its work. Only in us only" managed "Nikolai Seleshchuk (died in 1996) to throw himself on the grave after the inscription" academician of painting. "Others — former academicians …
According to the charter academy, we have the right to have a museum. After all, museums, natural prerogative of the Ministry of Culture. Task of our Academy — The old associate art with the new. But, as I say, there is a museum majestically Russian war, which lasted four years, the Academy, which lasted 10 years, the museum also has left behind. "
Reporter: "I see that" academic "sign, you do not even filmed …"
"So there is no point and shoot. Snimesh Signs How majestically Russian? Was a war, and the museum should be a war. Was Academy must be Museum of the Academy, it’s a harsh structure. By the way, during the existence of three or four Academy of times we re-register. Were initially normal academy later became public trust. In Belarus, by the way, two thousand public associations, and none of museums do not have — nor Alliance writers or composers Alliance. Already some 100 years, and the museum and does not smell. But it happened in the village of Rakov. Revoked the organization and the museum has remained. "
Reporter: "And the status Rakov still not" urban village "?
"No village. And if I knew, the budget of the Belarusian village — one million rubles per year $ 500. Other words, is a village with a" decent "budget. But the museum and gallery."
Place "Rakowski County"
Status galleries Yanushkevich noticeable. It is not only a gallery with exposed here works not only museum Rakowski region, but also the everyday home:
"Almost what status? This is also our home, we live here. Mum here because this is serious. And all collected in the region Rakovsky things in fact are close to us. I do not collect any other things besides" Rakowski county "so was Rakov once the center of the county. within the boundaries of 20 km fro I collect these things. Just not so long ago entered the Ivianiec where my relatives lived navel, so it’s his guitar, other things came out of consumption. "
Reporter: "And collect as — go home?"
"If something catches on the case, then, as a specialist, see the value. But people have heard that there is a museum, and they carry. Often, dozens are things in life that nothing like this would be found (subconsciously still remember , what you need bear museum) … Two men are sitting on the bus, and my neighbor hears such dialogue, I later recounts. "And you know Yanushkevich artillery opened a gallery?" (Saw the title "art" and decided: perfectly normal to open a gallery in the village of artillery). Other answers: it is imperative to go look. They say, as an ordinary thing, like every house on the tank just stands and necessary "to swap experiences."
Reporter: "Maybe they just" Stalin Line "inspired?" ..
"No, it was even earlier, when the" Stalin Line "and did not smell. And this is me just struck: if the Stalinist line opened, the station was closed already Rakowski. Old at the moment just this topic have nowhere to discuss. "
Oak safe and "massage" blank
Under the roof and on the ground galleries collected a variety of exhibits. Small guests ecstatic about the tranquilizer Janushkevich sculptures, first, from the dog, the original of which is worth Nyasvizh. In the courtyard of the gallery — the only monument in Belarus majestically Duke Vytautas. And there are things that have long been forgotten by his contemporaries:
"Things are very different, versatile.’s Safe, in which our spouses kept gold from their wives. Pour gold, two locks, handles no. Placed here and 90 kg of gold — he will not lift, do not call me neighbor, saving home supplies guaranteed. This real safe, since it was impossible to take. Try to take it somehow, these 90 kg of gold! Its oak and so will not lift as fill, exactly padarvessya … Here’s another "apparatus" that we in Lithuania called blank. On Thursday men prevention "Peri" wives, but only on Thursday allowed. It was like a massage wand, and that such men walking sticks (sound: dum-dum). And that we have room. Principal Institute. Login the bath should be small. Why? "
Reporter: "Maybe, that came out less than a couple?"
"No, it is dependent on the number of abandoned wood because it does not throw, it is quite the pair will not … According to our traditions, such baths lives brownie old grandfather, who loves the heat. Believed that this old grandfather zdyatsinely and loves to play with fire, like all kids. And it is no difference that smoking when it freezes — the house where the person lives or bath. Because baths are far from home and, as a joke fire, yet none bath not rotted all burned. "
And so, going to the bath, you need to beat bows brownie — to appease.
Person "object"
Felix Yanushkevich background on the found items
The country’s only mini-monument to Vytautas
Before entering the bath, "bow" brownie
Belarusian prototype of bank "safe"
Babes in ecstasy from dog
"Yanushkevich" view from the street
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