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Franak Vyachorka: "Our goal — to translate the whole Belarusian classics in audio"
The following week in the sale will CDs with George Orwell’s books "Farm" and "1984" in Belarusian translation Sergei Shupy. It is also expected frisky edition audio CDs with recordings of questions and answers on Russian history. A meanwhile Publishing founders of NGO "Veterans Renaissance" and the youth organization "Belarusian Gulfstream" continue to work on a new Belarusian audiobooks. curators "Belarusian Gulf Stream" — students of Belarusian State University Journalism School Franak Vyachorka Aksak says Valentine.
Valentine Aksak ‘Sire Franak, your initiative, we, the radio operator that is called oil on the ears. Finished recordings of Belarusian literature — at least some gift for radio. With what you have now come to us? "
Franak Vyachorka: "We, the participants of the creative initiative" Belarusian Gulf Stream ", together with the public trust," Veterans of the Renaissance, "already made two audio books in the Belarusian language. This translations of Orwell’s "1984" and "farm" also lettered responses of known scientific and journalistic work "150 questions and answers from the history of Belarus."
Aksak: "First, the Gomel Charitable Foundation" town associations "announced his intention to give audiobooks intentionally for the visually impaired" The latest land "Kolas discs with Belarusian parables and other works. And what’s your next plans?"
Vecherko: "At the moment we are preparing with regard audiobooks Belarusian traditional literature, first with the school applets, because these books, in our opinion, should become an indispensable Textbooks students in their learning, as young people in general lost the desire to read. And at this point we have voiced, not just summarized the poem "Symon the Musician" Kolasa. We also have plans scoring poetry Kupala — software and pazapragramnay, censorship and uncensored. "
Aksak: "The question of the modern Belarusian writer. Clear that Belarusian writers occasionally use their own works to expand this capability as the web, preferring classical cardboard book. How do they react to the ability to become creators audiobook? Either you offer someone from their their technical services? Could someone from the Favourites Belarusian writers have entrusted myself to you his new work? "
Vecherko: "I think this is our initiative and its success is an indication that you need all of the Belarusian literature translated into phonorecords. As for writers, those whom I know, has long been used by Web, and most of their works fit on literary and literary websites on the web. But none of them yet I personally did not offer their works to the audiobook. has just begun. While we do our classics, basis, and my world, you can not jump back and forth. necessary to make a single layer of literature, after take after another, because it is very fundamental thing. This is the thing that in European countries, the United States is at the municipal level, at least, of the programs funded by the support of cultural initiatives in the ministries of culture or disk imaging, education. "
Aksak: "By the way, if there is any reaction municipal structures on your initiative?"
Vecherko: "They ripped us once or not given the ability to make presentations, at least, video, which we have translated into Belarusian. And I do not think there will be support for audio production. Why we defected to audiobooks? Why do I think it is more important than voice even some Hollywood comedy or thriller? Since audiobooks, at least, voiced Belarusian classic or foreign literature, it can be distributed legally in stores and private distributors. It can be promoted in official institutions, schools, institutions, those institutions that forms the society, raise its value and values. And Belarusian-time audio and put the puzzle to form a human-patriot who takes whiteRussian language as the language of modern communications, technology, and for which after some time become unusual modern tape on TV in Belarusian, for which there will be unusual Belarusian-alerts, posters, marketing videos. Forms the person for whom the Belarusian Belarusian-reality becomes. "
Aksak: "Either I’m right you realized that audio books, issued by the" Belarusian Gulf Stream "with the public trust," Veterans of the Renaissance, "will be completely legal to buy in any store, a trading audioproduktsii?"
Vecherko: "It will be possible, and it is also very fundamental task very fundamental line of work. Belarusians who work in the field byelorussization first culture, we can not close on its own wheels. To really our job had success, you need the ability to use legitimate access to the mass consumer to the general reader. And because we will register this product, we will officially publish through private entrepreneurs and publishers will distribute. Experience performing such procedures is — Shoe our employees have been made several CDs of Belarusian folk tales, which at the moment can be purchased completely relaxed in every second shop Minsk. Our task is the same. "
Aksak: "As soon can be buy audio books published by you? "
Vecherko: "From the beginning of next week, they will already have personal distributors, and after some time will appear in different stores in Minsk."
Aksak: "Do you feel that there will be demand for them?"
Vecherko: "I am confident that the demand will be."
Creators and works
Vasily Zuyenok: "Power wants to force us to shut up"
Book policy in Belarus is in line with the rest of the policy. Municipal publishers like have forgotten the existence of many distinguished writers, whose only fault — disloyalty to the government. Twelve years there Vasil Zuenko out books — the famous poet, former editor of the magazine "Youth" and "Birch", former chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers, which met Misha Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Basil, not so long ago, the Supreme Tribunal of Belarus eliminated as a company Belarusian literary fund. Thus withdid it fast for a day or three. Who prevented Litfond, whose members were you? "
Vasily Zuyenok: "I’m perfectly familiar with these likvidatarskiya courts. I passed and the Supreme Tribunal and the Supreme Economic when we sued the Office of Presidential Affairs for the House of Writers. Dissuade us, but we then decided to go to the end. They went, until the Supreme Tribunal not delivered its verdict that the House of Writers belongs writers. This program has long been laid. Case of the Literary Fund with those series. Authority wants to pin down, forcing silence writers who think independently, express their positions of power. A writers voice in our country always sounded, and sounded massive, whole-heartedly. This in-1-x. And in-2, was the chairman of the liquidated Litfonda Ales Pashkevich, who immediately is also chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers. It is also imperative structures, I think it was not very "on the nose".
Scoble: "What fate awaits the House of Writers" Isloch "owned Litfonda exactly?"
Zuyenok: "I think that soon there will be some organizational and economic castling and" Isloch "enters into possession of a new pro-government Union of Writers. This is likely.
Scoble: "You currently can occasionally catch in Minsk, often you are in the country on Bald Mountain. Earlier midst lysagortsav had a lot of writers, and now? "
Zuyenok: "At the moment there are fewer literary fraternity. Everyone there is resold, some businessmen there revolve. Grandchildren, great-grandchildren, a nephew … Descendants largely hosted. Writer from almost nobody left. Did Anatoly Vertinskij comes yes from time to time Nikolai Avramchik appear.
Scoble: "Isloch, Bald Mountain, we can also mention Korolischevichi … All the places closely associated with literature. They would not prevent a memorial status …"
Zuyenok: "Over time, I think, will be made. Not so long ago opened the memorial room Karalishchavichah Kolas. There Colas heavily worked and lived there. And I remember when this building was sold, one of the criteria was that the future of the hosts made it a memorial room Kolas. That was made. If survive "Isloch" and held her "memaryyalizatsyya." Maybe not for every room there is a sign worth hitch, but some general memorial symbol is needed. Even in "Isloch" worked our writers and beautiful, beautiful works were written. "
Scoble: "The outstanding work and I wanted to ask. Vladimir Korotkevich so once said of Dostoevsky’s novel" The Brothers Karamazov ":" This is the tip, which captures the spirit. "One of your books -" The Beginning "- visited at the highest, of cosmic heights — it took into space Vladimir Kovalenok. And what works in Belarusian literature you consider the top? "
Zuyenok: "First I would described as" The latest land "Kolas. For me personally, it’s an unrivaled product. Later -" symbol of failure "Vasil Bykov. For me Bykov was an exceptional phenomenon whereupon works. I remember how, read "The Symbol of failure", I immediately called Vasily Vladimirovich and said that in the end his talent was as a national writer of talent. Previously, he decided on the events of the war some huge ethical prepyadstviya, and "a sign of trouble" finally opened temper of the people, the nature of Belarusian. For me it was a great joy. Oh and a satisfaction I felt when I read " People in the swamp "Ivan Melezha. Outstanding work, in my opinion, -" Lament of quail "Ivan Chigrinova. He first showed how men correlated with the guerrilla movement during the second world war. There’s two bands — and Zazyba Chubar — just examples of different relationships to the guerrilla movement, which at the moment a lot said and written. A started this topic Chigrinov. "
Scoble: "Your last time edition book" letters out of this world "came, God forbid memory, in 1995, a full twelve years ago. Readers tired of waiting for the latest book …"
Zuyenok: "I myself have been waiting for, perhaps more than the readers. Creator is very expensive when he holds his newest book. I dialed his newest book on your computer and give to friends to joke:" That’s for you verses from the computer nothingness . "It is really so, because poetry is an indispensable book. And, God willing, when the book will come out typographically, it will be called" Looking back — not fossilized: Poems 1000 lety merger. "
BASIL Zuyenok. POEMS with the latest books
Under the roof of their home as if firebrand, Carrying, integration own ardor. Burning roads and paths they smoke, and subsequently burned — space …
And I’m on the ashes of Belarus — Through a federation or alliance there — With glory Herostratus remain, Last and unhelpful Belarusian …
Look: large terrestrial space, narrower — Europe skarbny Kovalev, And in the center — Belarus, like a ball, but not everyday, and billiards.
Cost about players, and explain the meaning of each stick: aim — and games end, How differently we — their relatives.
And this means: "Own your own" ("Lude Unified" and "wschodne kresy") By pulling its shores, calling Violence progress.
Billiard table already bursting, greenish cover turns purple … And murmurs Belarusian sweat: He’s not a player — he sows rye …
And stares: who what relatives with whom goes Union — and thinks: gehne Staff — Fly to the alliance as a ball in the pocket.
No, I do not want to ride it from the sides of the edges with beaten Though "Cannon" players-brothers hanging over him, consider, for centuries …
But the two ends of the stick — Do not forget, the players! ..
My roof — fraction badyazhaya, walls — boards in the coffin … Yes, not during the time you had hoped for death vstrashyts me.
Time when slandered My people and my God, and the life I will wound the earth And my threshold.
And you can not imagine, like your bayonets: perdition not overcome it — I’m Free centuries.
For the soul — as a prophetess — Heaven wants to serve: I die like hunted like for you to hunt live.
ONLY here …
Thank God: path is not reduced to overseas poor palaces. Only here, on this earth, I can live and stay alive.
And die — I can only here. Vaughn, badyazhnitski staff! .. Me my homeland — as the judgment, this fate.
O Litwo, ojczyzno moja … Adam Mickiewicz
Lithuania — Either litanne or lats buzz: For will struggle whether slavery curse? ..
Both suffered full Lithuania and Chase — Plyanida one.
Neither removed nor deprive Torment crown — a country God promised us …
That wound will heal, then again on the fight — In the never-ending chase and of endless Lithuania! ..
Novel about the moral impotence, or the lives Visun
Anatoly Kozlov. Yurgon. Novels. Fiction, 2007. In the near future often come across web reproaches — not about the writing, that the time will come, and even see who is … This appeal to eternity guards me. I like those who work here and the reader at the moment. Those who try to make literature not only for posterity, and for his contemporaries — whatever they were. Because I enthusiastically look through a series of "Belarusian prose XXI century", which came out in book and Anatoly Kozlov "Yurgon."
I must say that Anatoly Kozlov — a writer who knows the secret of popularity. This secret is simple — modernity, magic and sex. At least, the last fifteen years, this lightweight formula intensively, albeit with varying modicum of success, used literary generation belongs to Kozlov.
But his "novel in shtrishok" "Yurgon" — which gave the title and throughout the book — you can enroll in the pilot: so straightforward and goals used here denotes the formula.
From the first words of the creator of the product takes the bull by the horns, and the reader for … Judge: "Yurgona jinxed! Already two weeks, but he has absolutely nothing stirred below the navel and above the knee. Complete calm. Here even eminent jack — empty word, the nut on the perpetrator and the magnet on the neck — a bubble."
From the very first lines of the novel the reader together with the hero, minchane May 20th anniversary appearance "anthropological Belarusian", must respond to the existential question "Why live if hanging?"
Hmmm, this is not for you school "That be or not to be …"!
I hope that readers have the answers — and not one — this depressing "why", but Kozlov hero does not know them, because the plot keeps on searching. No, not the truth … Pharmaceuticals and perpetrators. Although think out of the latest: "They frighten, to blame for failure." But in order to figure out which of them blame more, the hero has to mention Yurgonu Do not all those with whom he so carelessly have sex.
In principle, that at the head of the hero, as, incidentally, and all the inhabitants of the novel, is not all right with the "appearance of morality," warns created immediately. One name that stands — Ur-gon. But of course, that the novel genre, forcing at least some motivation such extraordinary sensuality. And you have to admit, this motivation is, and it completely changes our attitude towards the hero. Indeed, it appears that Yurgon — not just a male without rivets in the head, who only wants "the freshest body" and the victim of events.
In 1-x, this moneymaker — abanyannya own hostage. Yurgonav nose unmistakably seeking "that smell, a smell that adklavsya in his memory, soaked to the skin, hair, nails," and no laundry for you, even abvarvanne — as claimed by the creator — not able to wash off the smell of this ladies’ under the skin and the brain. " That is to say, the Belarusian response "Parfumeru" Suskind!
In-2-x, makes a covenant Yurgon grandfather Seeds: "Do not pass away or slash or lame or hunchbacked, or cripple — nadbavits God for you age." Well, just such a marketing slogan went with my grandfather! As here refuse?
B-3, Uncle Ivan rewrote Yurgona to his apartment, and he went to live in the village. It looked like such in this act? But listen as he comments on his character: "It seems that every decent act stashed sharp blade. It is invisible, but come the day and the hour when the searing certainly vsporassya steel blade. Gah — and voila! All simultaneously becomes hateful and hateful. "Yes — involuntarily — not only altruistic novel appeared in the role of the Greeks, which brings gifts. So, if you suddenly want to give the reader a relative flat, or, for example, used mercedes, worth even think — will not respond your mercedes of early impotence, or, say, a failure in menstrualnym cycle?
Povinet all — and relatives and heritage and society that suffers moral impotence. At least, in the midst of the representatives of the human race, presented in the novel, there is not even a hint of a decent man. One bartender was usually served — Belarus listened to music, led the discussion on the state of history and undertook to help the hero — and he was convicted of "blakitsiznu." And what can we talk about the kind of women’s faces that are so at odds with the head, even in dealing with fancy man did not call themselves differently as "makrashchelkami" …
Visun is the most spiritual — the spirit of powerlessness — which selects the surplus in a "very nimble voluptuaries heartless, those who bodily puts up an immortal soul." Problem, but that other people in the novel or not. Specifically because the spirit of powerlessness, designated in retrospect, together with its ally, the sorcerer — the facts are the author’s message — around the need to keep the golden middle.
It would seem that the writer goes on pratoranym way: show the spiritual awakening of the hero and help him out. But the same "Yurgon" is not built on the logic of Russian cinema, and by the canons of the old disaster! Because salvation is all of a sudden — as deux ex machina (god from the machine) — a grandfather, with whom Yurgon going to upset the glass of her neighbor-razvyadenki. Of course, readers should be glad for the hero, as he, though moneymaker, but listening to "shop" and Grieg … Struggling with "visyuchkay" and "routine" — it’s about the work, not fizyyalegiyu … And, as has often been stressed anyone against their will in bed does not pull.
Logically, the creator is not remembered to justify his hero beloved by the people such expressions as "bitch do not want to — cable does not jump." In the piggy bank folk wisdom ("feet do not state-owned," "she beast, she and the bull, the woman and the man she" or a more artistic "body — an endless engine of progress") saying would look out of place. Could not be said about the French language, Kozlov which mentions an entirely contrary to all logic.
So, rustic warlock told Visun suddenly says: "As they say the French: la lune de miel, which means — promise horses honeymoon with his Marinka".
Even more fun with the introduction of the French situation in the 2nd novel book "Minsk and crows, Paris and the ghost." There’s a woman ghost, the former princess, revenge descendants own spouse, including in Paris. However, not counting words mademoiselle and monsieur nothing of this unusual language creator is not stretched. But pointed out that it says Catherine on the dialect which reads in the Latin Quarter three years back. And whatever you thought, she says in starafrantsusku? "Oh, you people-person"!
Indeed, the world’s population that lives in a parallel world Kozlov worth regret.
Not to look boring, too tell funny story. "The Snow Queen in question Kaya: what are you such sad? Why, meets Kai, trying to make the word" eternity ", and I have only four little letters:" DeUPeA. "
This I mean that, by adopting one human vices, namely: legal, revenge, corruption, greed — hard to make a complete picture of the world. But this, of course, is not enough to write creepy fairy tales for adults.

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