In the special settlement does not preclude early release Artur Finkevich

"It may be a question at this point is not considered," — said the policeman.
Immediately after lunch policemen took Artur Finkevich from work and was taken to the penitentiary institutions.
This activist had told "Liberty" on the phone. By Artur Finkevich background jokes explained to him: "In connection with the Group of Eight summit in Germany."
Whereupon Finkievich phone disconnected.
Attendant commandant correspondent’s question "Liberty" replied that "nothing to do with the summit. We need him for another" and did not rule out that early political prisoner soon unleash.
Recall that in early May were released political prisoners Paul Seviarynets, Statkevich and Catherine Sadovskaya. Sought their release Belarusian opposition and the international community.
In conclusion, there are political prisoners Artur Finkevich, Zmitser Dashkevich and Alexander Kozulin.

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