In Warsaw opened Belarusian Industrial Exhibition

Outside the high-rise, in which adbyvaetsaa exhibition — buses and trucks inside — presentation Belarusian linen, tourist companies, vodka, timber companies and even syntezatara language.
"We are waiting for the exhibition business contacts and fruitful cooperation, that Polish tourists came to us" — says Misha Kazhuro representative Grodno Regional Executive Committee, responsible for tourism.
These hopes were not unfounded. During the last 3 years, trade between Belarus and Poland increased about two and a half times and reached the in Last year level of 1.8 billion dollars.
Salting of Belarus to Poland Pavel Latushko states that this is due to economic growth in Poland and Belarus:
"It is clear that the policy has an effect on economic affairs, but the example of the last 4 years indicates that in this case there was no negative impact. Naturally, there are projects that can not be realized without a corresponding political decision."
Meanwhile PhD in Economics Valery Radial growth in trade between Poland and Belarus explains the rising cost of petroleum and as for policy, then, according to Radials, it influences first on foreign investment, which in Belarus strongly enough, and not to trade:
"Founding turnover — are products of oil refining companies. Russians profitable to refine oil at Belarusian refineries and sell at that Poland. Vo-2, through free economic zones in Belarus Polish companies work hard on Russia and the CIS — this channel evolves."
Another explanation of why, in spite of the bad old political relations, business is doing its job, we put the Polish entrepreneur Arkadyyush Zhuzanyuk:
"There’s already a lot of foreign investors, the Germans are very active. ‘Cause if we presently also not fixed on the Belarusian market, then later, when the financial system will change, we will not be allowed there opponents."

"Poland opposed the exclusion of Belarus from the Generalized System of Preferences of the European Union" — said this today in Warsaw Deputy Minister of Economy of Poland Marcin Korolets after the opening of the Belarusian economic exhibitions. He said that Warsaw "was a lawyer when discussing Belarus customs preferences, but most states EU decided not to leave the system with regard to Belarus. "Sovereign Korolets expressed hope that the cancellation of preferences will not affect badly on mutual trade turnover. (According to" Interfax ")

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