June Vasil Bykov: Lady stronger man …

"It seems, however, that even at the genetic level lady stronger men. And then, during an uneasy existence, less amenable to medium retains its self. Specifically it appears to conflict moments when you need to protect yourself, family ‘& # 39, w, kids. And then spouse. guy has no such certainty, because very many massive events affect him power, the party, the army, where he was just doing that breaking open, are on their knees. Certainly, all this has shaped modern, not very enviable archetype Belarusian men in life and literature — the poor, the humble, cowardly creatures. One of whom reads adverb: steal fears lazy to work, ask smuschyaetsya.

From Mon on Friday in our air — little quote for reflection and memory. Every Saturday and Sunday — aimed at certain subjects audio anthology.

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