K.St ‘Ewart: United States continue to insist, to release all political prisoners

Ms. Stewart, commenting on "Freedom" sentence youth activists, expressed the hope that soon will be released to freedom all Belarusian Political Prisoners:
"I hope that they reduced the amount of the fine, as discerned all the details of the case and took into account the severity of the perfect, as directed attention the fact that they are students, we are limited. I can not read minds, but maybe they also took into account the fact that Young people have the right of assembly and expression own presentation.
We are pleased that the number of people in jail are not increased. Also we are pleased that the fine is not very big.
The U.S. continues to insist, to release all political prisoners, including Dmitry Dashkevich. We are pleased with the fact that the old days were released several political prisoners. Provided that all political prisoners will unleash, we will have the opportunity to dialogue with the government. "

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