Kamotskaya sang for Grodno stones

Listen Kasya Kamotskii came about two hundred people, the vast majority of young people. Organizers said they were not expecting such number of students turned out that Kamotskaya very popular in the midst of Grodno youth, although playing in town very occasionally.
Before the concert was released card on which the singer — on the background of Grodno monuments. Campaign coordinator Paul Mazhejka to triumph handed spyavachtsy Jersey defenders Grodno from destruction.
Reporter: "Now Grodno Kamotskaya Kasia, she gave a concert in the framework of the" Musicians against the destruction of Grodno. "And in this regard I have her first question: tell him to Grodno nothing destroyed, you would not come? "
Kamotskaya: "No, I love Grodno and I would have come anyway, but just another thing, that present day not so easy to organize a concert of Belarusian performers, especially if it’s artists, so to speak, prohibited. And so it turns out that just such actions have a good reason. Although I fully support this action and believe that destroying a single, so perfectly preserved city in Belarus, it’s just deliberate sin. "
Reporter: "You do not have to create memories that at a distance it looked more dramatic and close your eyes, everything looks not as dramatic, is not it bad?"
Kamotskaya: "I do not know than one determine the drama if destroy everything, or if destroy one wall? And I think, the more active in the community noise point, the better. So as a society, especially young people, it is in need of such shares for consolidation primarily, to identify their own positions and civilian it is very necessary. "

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