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"Before you grab the baby from the hospital, buy a large arena with a strong grid. The strength of your purchase, you can try, climbing into the arena right in the store. At the surprised looks saleswoman answer proud silence and contemptuous stare. She probably do not know that riding is not the baby will need, and you yourself, so, hiding behind his reliable wall, you could safely drink a cup of coffee or a newspaper to read up without the risk that your young son gets to you. "

This humorous advice famous astrologer Linda Goodman, I remember when friends who recently got squeaky tiny treasure, asked whether to buy riding hall.

Before answering this question, let's find out what are the pros and cons of hiding this device.

Cons arena

  • The main disadvantage of an arena is that it limits the freedom of the baby. In one of the brochures devoted to products for children, I met the phrase "riding equips children with perseverance." This is fundamentally the wrong approach! Not perseverance to vaccinate the baby, but to support his research interest. Especially when he started one way or another to move independently. Once this happened, the child appears powerful impetus for intellectual development. He has experimented with different styles and stops at the most perfect. Toddler learning to solve problems and understands the cause-and-effect relationship. "I push leg like this — and move faster than when I push differently." At the same time he learns to self-promotion. The more he moves and reaches the way of interesting toys, the greater the reason to develop this capability. Alas, in the arena baby deprived of this opportunity. The only way to go for it — up, ie from horizontal to vertical. Both parents strongly support this desire, they want to kid soon got up on legs, rather gone. Meanwhile, crawling — a very important step in the physiological and psychological development of the child — so just skipped.
  • In the arena of child often feels helpless. There are so many interesting things, and he can not come close to what it involves. In the crumbs for the first time there is a sense of the inconsistency: he can not do anything to achieve his goal and the obstacle is insurmountable. The first failure of experience can be fixed for a long time, if not conscious, at a subconscious level.

Pros arena

Paradoxically, riding really need more parents than the child.

  • For example, you need urgently for a couple of minutes absent himself from the kid. In this case, the child in the arena would be safer than on the floor. Look to the folding playpens ("fence", screens) without bottoms, they take a little space when folded, but in an emergency can literally protect the child from unwanted encounters and falls. The sharp corners of furniture, sockets, cords, if you do not have time to remove them in time, pose a great danger to the baby unattended. You can, of course, put the crumbs in the bed. But it is better not to. After all, bed should not be associated with a child with games, a place where sleeping. And when the bed is used for other purposes, you may have difficulty falling asleep.
  • You go to the country. You'll likely want to baby as much as possible the time spent outdoors. But if a newborn baby is able to sleep most of the day in a wheelchair, then a grown-up kid will not work. And organize the space for crawling near her house is quite difficult. In this case, you will approach riding to the bottom, preferably washable to crumb could be in it without diapers. By the way, this arena is suitable for the balcony to "walk" with the baby in bad weather.
  • It will be useful at a party and travel. Especially if you travel frequently with your child while he used to sleep separately from their parents. Foldable, lightweight playpen bed stand you in good stead for travel.

In short, the arena can be useful to you in an emergency. But I emphasize the use of the arena in any case should not become a regular practice.

How much time you can spend in the arena?

Universal answer to this question does not exist. Focus on the temperament of the kid. Active and lively young ranger and three minutes in the arena is difficult to sit through. A slow, steady contemplative may, within hours of going over in the arena toys or break into small pieces old magazines. However, even in this case, try to alternate periods of calm games with physical activity, create incentives for moving to the kid.

Well, if you manage to do a "test roll" — ask friends or acquaintances arena hire. In this case, you will be able to see first hand how you fit this device.

What are the arenas

  • Travel cot

Fit to coincide with the cot. The walls are made of a cloth, have one or more mesh windows. In some models, the window is closed with a zipper. By type of folding cots, beds are available in two versions: one fold "book", the other "umbrella." In arenas, "books" bottom-piece, and therefore — more even. In arenas, "umbrella" bottom consists of several parts. But "books" folded more cumbersome: the size of a large suitcase, and "umbrellas" can even put in a bag. Sometimes bundled with such arenas beds sold swaddling board, which can be installed on top of the bed and change clothes for her baby.

  • Playpen with wooden slats

The most eco-friendly model. These playpens ophthalmologists recommend: they believe that such a design for the eyes is the safest. However, be careful with the arenas of untreated wood — they are difficult to clean, and in the tiny fingers of untreated wood slats can leave splinters. Cons wooden playpen — they usually do not add up and take up a lot of space. Check out the store, which the distance between the rails. Experts recommend that it be 6 cm, it is the most secure.

  • Manege "fence"

In these models, there is no bottom. They are a bit of a screen made of transparent plastic. Suitable for babies who just started to crawl, but for nine-ten-month child is too lightweight design, which they will carry on the "one".

  • Playpen with mesh walls

The most popular in recent times due to the low cost (compared to, for example, with the travel beds), lightness and compactness. However, it playpens grid like least about pediatric ophthalmology, because I always look at the world through a fine mesh is very dangerous for children's eyes, especially if the grid with bright pattern. Preferable to model calm, pastel colors. Mesh is better to choose white or cream.

Whichever model you choose, do not forget to wash as often as possible riding with disinfectant. The fact that the bottom and especially in the grid much dust accumulates, which may cause allergic conjunctivitis or other disorders of the eyeballs and eyelids.

Form and content

The shape of the arenas are:

  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • triangular or trapezoidal (the so-called angular playpens).

As for the content, then pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Weight (if you need a model for travel, preferably a lighter version, and for stationary use is best to choose a heavier playpen — it is more difficult to turn);
  • Height (now issued playpens height 70, 75, 80 or even 110 cm). Here again, you need to focus on the child. For nimble robust fellow is better to choose a model taller, turn this arena is almost impossible. But for the crumbs that much attached to his mother, and that is vital to all the time to see her in front of him, it is better not to choose a very high option.
  • Size — the size of playpens are 118h110, 96×96, etc. 102h70 Tip one: the more the bet
    ter — as far as finances allow and space.

At last

Never put the baby in a playpen by force. It is both a physical and moral injury. As you know, even for dying the way to be prepared in advance. American pediatrician Alan Fromm advises about this:

"Let the child first will play next to the arena. It will attract the attention of toys that we put in playpen. He will try to reach out to them and we will deliver him great pleasure, raising his arms and set him inside, where he immediately take possession of the coveted toy. At first stay in sight of a child — he will then feel confident and relaxed. If we'll do their own thing and forget about it, then find ourselves kind of parents who give their child in kindergarten to get rid of him. The kid soon will feel it and will react accordingly. "

Inessa Smyk

According to the magazine "Aistenok"

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