Kozulin in Brussels: no democratization in Belarus

This statement is a former candidate for Presidents of Belarus, nedavneshny political prisoner made during a meeting with MEPs on another day after, ministers Foreign Affairs Union expressed their willingness to ease sanctions against the official Minsk.
"We now have confirmation that there was no fundamental configurations in the issue of democratization in Belarus. Configurations has brought, so to speak, on the facade of the building, but they are not fundamental "- quoted opposition politician Belgian online edition EUobserver.
By Kozulin nedavneshnee Belarusian authorities release 3 prisoners missing configurations for guarantees in EU policy. Opposition politician added in Belarus As before there are elections, there is only purpose. He stressed that his daughter, who participates in the parliamentary elections, likely, has not the smallest chance because of her surname.
Kozulin convinced that the EU, but should not ignore suggestions Minsk that a rapprochement, he should upgrade to some extent these things, but will be hard to find the right balance, not encouraging mode.
"I believe that the EU will be quite the wisdom to take the respective decision, draw the appropriate conclusions," — said now Kozulin.

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