Lavrov met in Warsaw with the role of Belarusians picket

Polish worker Lavrov Radoslaw Sikorski during a joint press conference noted that this case Poland planned to build "confidence." The Ministers expressed their satisfaction of volume of trade between countries, and assured that he would continue the work of the joint commission "By languid issues of Polish-Russian relations."
Meanwhile, near the residence of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who met with Lavrov, picketed Poles and Belarusians — they achieved complete RF interference in the affairs of Georgia, Belarus and other states.
"Russia in Georgia has shown his true face imperial. May be followed by Belarus, Ukraine, and perhaps Poland. It is a pity that the West does not realize it, and wants to be more diplomatic with Moscow ", — said one of the picketers.

The participants held the banner "Putin in Nuremberg."

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