June 27, at 13 o’clock, Minsk time — an online conference with a philosopher, political scientist Vladimir headrest.

Drive about yourself:

"Born 12/22/1952 in the center of Vitebsk. Rodd was near the house where they lived Chagall. Father brought me ice on the other side Dvina street Tolstoy — is published baptism. Here I few months shoved two fingers in the socket, I pecked excellent electron current and threw on the floor. Survived to become a philosopher. As a child jumping jumping on skis. Landing air butt banged his head on the ice. Survived and began to write articles, books, fantasy. Dream devbnutstsa third time to get rid of tryndennya radio and written … Belarusian. Married. Had 3 wives and have 3 children. Grandson as much as small offspring.

Associate Professor of Philosophy, PhD. Member of the Belarusian PEN Center and Bazhan. Managing information-analytical center "Information and social innovation"

Scientific and journalistic articles — thousand.


"Tutorial opposition struggle" Minsk 1997 samizdat; first book version "bullet for the president" was published in 1997 under the title "The rapidly despair, or the love of the president."

"The base of political psychology" edited by Dr. Yu.Hodyko, 1999.

"Bullets PRESIDENT" (Citations Lukashenko) Minsk 2006

"Duel Lukashenko — Liabedzka» 2006.

Series of books "The People’s TV" (Quotes from the collection Lukashenko Podgolov) 2006-2007

Original question:
"What accounts for propaganda blows Lukashenka propaganda through the ranks of the opposition (Communists and vilified" Kalinouski "), although at first glance reigns political lull?"

"Abolition of privilegess, Lukashenko publicly inertia claimed responsibility. Here is his sincerity, potentially able to do Lukashenko opponent veterans and youth:

"Why privileges canceled? Frankly. How to start learning here these benefits our country, top began. I do not know … climbed in depth at 5 km to the Stalinist era, to Stalin. Benefits we still operate them to subscribe. Suffer, suffer, finding them, and later decided to remove all of these benefits. " (WT 24.05.2007)

"Well, for what, for example, students living on campus, free travel? But if a man from the provinces, he needs to go home, bring a sack of potatoes to her parents on holiday — assist … So because it Weekend. Other days are — study. I requested … to have developed a transparent system that helps students Indeed on the right. Well, you need to walk in the town walks, and you want to go — pay. This current reality, we’re in a market economy we live. " (Newspaper "Respublika" 29.05.2007)

So, July 3 Lukashenko hopes pinned exclusively celebrate independence day. And here Ivashkevich and says: "And so we will celebrate with their own symbols. Gome’s people. Explain to people the essence of the moment …"

That reflects Lukashenko: "Students from Poland on vacation pryperlisya, so go to the area to spend the night … Communists … sharpen languages I speak, and people do not look at me, and riot police, who faces the communists and students beat .. . Ecumenical scandal and shame … "Well, that’s luptsanuli at enemies from the telescreen. And closer to the 3rd may hold more active, and in teleyaschika say that rescued people from smertnikav Communists and "Kalinouski" to a mass explosion killed himself … No wonder they read books about drugs, and that’s virtually nanyuhalsya … Young as … as they need? And TNT, dynamite them programmke Kalinowski trained them of dead rats do! Specifically with rats because flooring, as a real Russian, this does not seem nationalists … "


For the first time always Lukashenko domination:

First taken aback resource irrational beliefs of the people and began to speak the language of the rational. So makarom, he unleashed a niche for the favorite, which will create for themselves irrational images and overcome former idol;

2nd Himself set in the status of "enemy of the people" (benefits) within the country;

3rd Made himself an opponent in front of Russian generals. Because Putin Lukashenko fired 3 generals. If they previously lobbied Lukashenko, at the moment the ratio is reversed.

Lukashenko lived through the horrors of economic default and hit him in the nightmare psyhalyagichanaga default. Started a special baton defaults. … "

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