Liberty Poll: Have to live like everyone else, in accordance with all

Man: "I think so. I think, so be it. "
Man: "Belarus needed long start this business. It would be great for everyone. "
Lady: "Yes. I think we tormented freedom of speech, human rights are also not saved. Our country is a dictatorship. One person should not be so long in power. Must be progress. "
Man: "If Belarus to perceive? I know that Canada opposed the adoption of Belarus. UN has a formal impact on the policies of other states. On freedom and democracy in Belarus entry currently has no effect."
Reporter: "Belarus wants to become a member of the Committee on Human Rights. Whether it is to promote freedom and democracy in Belarus?"
Lady: "I think it should work. Hopefully, there will be the best configuration in the side. "
Woman: "I hope that the acts. Though what will step out Belarus nice. Do not need to confine yourself to. Belarus should be open both to the West and the East. We want to live like everyone else, in harmony with all. "
Young Man: "I think so, yes. Everything is there and they like to be normal. And we have — not much."
Lady: "I think — yes, as human rights we violated. They may be here at all. Because it would be a good entry step. "
Young Man: "It will contribute to our country. To democracy because we are still very far away. "
Man: "This will be a state of law in Belarus. Belarusian citizens will be able to lodge complaints with the international institutions."

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