Liberty Poll: I hope we do not shoot at the camera?


Man: "Totally no conclusions they do. Everything related to international status of the country, not much interested in Belarus — in fact, to interest, the long could this status would change. Maybe a couple of statements on which this occasion perceive, a day or two pamusolyats, but not anymore. "
Reporter: "But all the same authorities make any conclusions?"
Man: "Oh, no … lude his hopes that the situation with Russian energoelementami somehow, maybe not immediately, but still operates, but no results. Though expect greater democratization, economic liberalization. Did not work out … "
Man: "I would have said that in any state human rights somehow violated. As for our country, I would not read so that we have something so very broken. I have my own kontrargument: if the West has no respect for Russia, although Putin is generally all countries meet, read about what our little Belarus. "
Young Man: "Everything is normal, and what there someone says something, I do not consider it necessary to hear it. "
Lady: "I think that any conclusions they do. (I hope that we do not shoot at the camera?)"
Reporter: "No, my hands only a voice recorder, and I write it for the radio."
Lady: "Just for the radio? You see, that’s it, you figured out my answer … I am afraid that we shoot, we have freedom … I do not hunt me to comment on all this, it’s hard …"
Man: "Do not make any conclusions. Their no brains. This government clung to power for power’s sake, for their own very good life, surrounded by riot police, special forces, the police, the KGB. So — there is no what to expect."
Man: "Hardly. Everything started up to chance …"
Man: "I think, that politics in Belarus faithful. It’s all Poles and Balts mutsyats. Lukashenko no one is at war, the troops will not send its own. Live normally, everywhere is clean … And the fact that they say they are there — it’s not like the United States of America. "
Man: "No conclusions will not. We do nothing at all … "
Lady: "I think that they definitely will not make any conclusions. Evidence for this — though some lack of disk imaging of the event on television and on the radio."

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