Liberty Travel: People are divided into four categories: smart, literate, and the usual hitretsky

What raschudesny landscape reveals the plain Soot with the highest coastal village Chalč! 10 matches km — meadows, marshy forests and endless sky. Understand the wisest soul Protz, who settled on this side already five centuries before our era.
Curious, how much is a house in this paradise? A couple of minutes to please the eye, I asked such a question even Nestor and giggly halchantsy hostesses strong house overlooks the River. And got a philosophical response.
Galina: "I’m not selling this hut."
Reporter: "But why?"
Galina: "Because it is the homeland."
Reporter: "A homeland is not for sale?"
Galina: "Just goes into the heritage of each other."
Reporter: "Is there someone to give?"
Galina: "There. Two kids. "
Reporter: "Not for any money?"
Galina: "None. Maybe after they have already implemented it. Then let as desire. But I’m not selling. "
Reporter: "The place resort".
Galina: "There was so much radiation to the youth, many have been on the river around. And now … escape, pazyazhzhala youth. Lot left."
The main feature of the construction Chalč — Khaletskiy palace princes. Two-storey building in the classical style with a portico, built in the early XIX century.
Palace stands on the edge of the highest bank, which shows dymoprovody branches. Town that its existence must Khaletskaya. At the end of the XVII century Kazimierz Khaletskiy sheltered in Chalč Russian "political refugees" — Believers, they found peace and their own faith.
Now the prince’s residence is located repository Gomel museum. Watchman, smiling, open old woman initially did not want to let me into the palace.
But when it turned out that I had come all the way from Minsk, took the keys and boast that her granddaughter enrolled in the Academy of Management. No, not under the President of Belarus, and at home father. That’s what the power of propaganda.
Ancient: "Well, as a father does not? This our dear father."
Reporter: "Dear father?"
Ancient: "Even in the press so wrote. What is the father. And they say on TV."
Reporter: "Well, I have my own father. Foreign parents I do not."
Ancient: "And I am an orphan. Already born without a father."
Reporter: "And do you perceive as the father of Alexander G. relatives?"
Ancient: "Well, they say the same with us."
Ancient powerful opened doors behind which opened over weird interior. Aristocratic furniture, were piles somehow, neighbors with plaster pioneers th socialist realist paintings. In the center stood an unusual composition bust of Joseph Stalin. This entourage boltologiya housekeeper was very organic.
Ancient: "We worked as one. We know and cold, and hunger. How I lost my father? Then there was no way at the moment. Throw wives for 10 times to get married. Excellent work, was a milkmaid. And at ENEA sent to Moscow for a decent job.
People worked. For what? For sticks. And now, no matter how much give, will not be much. Since everything is permitted. Gave vent to bootleggers. I call my street "street widows." Some widows, though there was no war. Papamirali young. "
By the way, guests here are not unique. Even the descendants of a certain kind of do not leave home without Protz attention.
Ancient: "Here come the heir, Khaletskiy. Ukraine. Valentin Khaletskiy. Documents come with armorial seals." Give "- ing contract. And we do not give. Monuments antiquities are protected by law."
Reporter: "Do not have given?"
Ancient "But read" All the same here we come. "
How palace protected by the state, is clearly seen along joints on the front, had been taken away by plaster, unpainted wood for long portico. It is not saying that he will stand up to the new owners.
And yet the main surprises Chalč — not a palace. As in any harsh town, not the main house, and people. And in Chalč a person who decorates his presence and authority raises landscape. Yemelyan Avramavich Bobkov not like being called an old man. He calls himself an "old man."
Yemelyan "five centuries before our era here …"
Reporter: "People have lived?"
Yemelyan: "Yes. Before our era it was. A Chalč called translated from autochthonous pre-Slavonic language — a big river."
Digger last wells last builder last sozhavski bakenshchyk it as from another time. Dark coat and black hat, grayish beard and a tremendous young eyes. He looks like an old man at once and Talmudist and Christmas grandfather.
Yemelyan: "I was 50 Chalč eight stores. Jewish. So at the moment the elderly street called" Jews. "This is after learned it the Jews. And then it was a long time — a Jew. Always their persecution were they survived. Want to live. Turned to the "Jew."
Reporter: "And the synagogue was?"
Yemelyan: "There was a synagogue. Next were two wineries, the stables were."
But the main sovereign Emelyanov — not appearance. Bobkov was even a serious philosopher. However, his philosophical observations are Belarusian. Both in form and in fact.
Yemelyan: "People are divided into four categories: smart, literate, and hitretsky usual. Intelligent man born with the mind. Never reasonable person would argue. He immediately realizes that you can not have the other side as well. This is the untainted people. What a literate person? This books. Clever made book, and he has learned. intelligent man will never show themselves, and competent, "I was trained!".
And what hitretsky man? This is the most harmful people. It’s true. Anything to anyone, but only for themselves. He decided to reach his own, he’ll achieve. And this man hitretsky nobody nothing. He promises, but no one will. Only for themselves. This is the most horrible person. Never man ism not sopetsya. "
Reporter: "A normal person? Most naive?"
Yemelyan: "Partially so. This is stupid brother. Ordinary people — they take to drink. Ordinary people always sopetsya."
Reporter: "Why are ordinary people so just kidding?"
Yemelyan: "He is trusting, he believeth every word. Ordinary man he. He has no guile."
Maria Romanov, funny to say, the Chernobyl MIGRANT. Moved her out of the village in Chalč spun Vetkovskiy District. How Vysotsky "drove from Siberia to Siberia."
Reporter: "miss her?"
Maria: "Very.’s Been to the cemetery on Radunitsa. Unrealistic. Would stay there to live. Toddlers young. And all too old they say. All weep, all want to live there. Burnt everything that can burn. All overgrown. Terrible war. In 40 3rd burned our village. But such horror was not, as at present. come, look — Lord, why? Vetka We went to take a pass, head tion of the contract: "And you would agree to live there?" — "With pleasure."
And that was not because Chalč? There is less radiation? Yes, the same thing. People stuffed pockets, profited as necessary. That’s all. And at the moment still cashing in ".
This hunt an old address not on another, as Mrs. Maria. Many internal nobility in this ordinary lady. In general, it is not normal.
Maria: "Generation our davneshnee — if my Babu, prababu take. They were … They kept the shop. Their in the seventeenth, eighteenth it all taken away. And my father was like a fist. At the farm he went. He was taken to the post in the first year 40. And in June, the war began. And the more we know nothing. "
Reporter: "Do you feel it’s for yourself What you child" enemy of the people? "To give you the power to realize it?"
Mary: "Well, if I cut school, that’s when I felt. And now insult me. Now, taking a life … If I come back to me seventeen year
s, I would substantiate them" enemy of the people. "
Resentment against the Soviet regime, and, perhaps, honor and not allowed to Mrs. Mary to cooperate with the Communists and careers.
Maria: "As it has turned to work as a milkmaid, I was good as a milkmaid, I received excellent. Sent me to learn. I say no, I’m an enemy of the people, I will not go. I’ll just have to milk the cows. This hurt me a village in the liver. Said I No, life will be milked cows. Pradhan And until retirement. "
Scion Maria Romanov also speaking Russian terminology fist. He farmer grows pigs and meat trades. This I mean that the gene is not freedom dies. And it gives hope for the future.

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