Life gets no better, as promised by the government, but on the contrary

Larissa, Minsk: "A large part of our population — the so-called normal people. So here, this ordinary people want to know about what awaits him lately. Indeed we litsezreem that eventually life gets no better, as he promised the government, but on the contrary. Yes opposition and we can not promise anything, as if the country has no money, then how much more there is no opposition. This Congress showed that they have no prospects regarding all this. They only argue among themselves. And everyone wants to be the first. And to be the first to have to justify it. While we do not litsezreem results. "
Man: "I’m here about the treaties and agreements. Liabedzka offers a referendum on this issue to navigate. Under no circumstances should cancel these contracts and agreements. If it’s just take this drunk, all sorts of scum will sit, you can not fire them. Unions, as in Russian authorities on the defensive. propyl He’s not light pavtseha own propyl, and with it all coddled. A contract here. If you do not do what is written in the contract, just for you not to renew the contract. Rightly do. By another we will go without pants. Liabedzka can not even imagine for yourself what a terrible mine he placed under the Belarusian establishment. Such litsezreem we in Russia. "
Man: "I understand that if someone in the audience stands. Do me right they say, is another question.’s Right, everyone can express their worldview. Commentator But when your playing, if the official acts people. This is bad. And when he lisp starts about that little fined Malady, here too shameful here already ears wilt. Euphoria! Such an achievement! Awake! Look truth. Lukashenko For all this rat race a rotten egg is not worth it. Not that we needed. A deep explanatory work among the people of different categories. Justify why becomes scanty republic, people. "
Last MVD officer, Ivantsevichy: "Good evening. Done What hardened killer Alexander Sergeichik for law enforcement — a shame, this is a result of the corruption of law enforcement authorities. Our law enforcement system in the face of the prosecutor’s office, the Interior Ministry and the courts — one solid mechanism that is afraid to offend each other. And from the very" right "employees hurry to get rid of. employee who breaks the law easier superiors. He will perform at least some order. "
Anastas Semenovich: "Pochetaemaya Olga Abramova, member of the House of Representatives of the State Assembly. You state that it is necessary to continue to participate in the elections. Trusting you ma’am. No election last 10 years, no. Electoral Act specifically — who need it and be elected. Appointed you all, you are very good understand. Olga Abramova, I’m not a politician. 10s Can give some suggestions. elections to be elections, it is necessary that all the commission consisted of 50 to 50 from the opposition and from the administration. Premature vote to cancel. Access to radio and television to provide all candidates equally . You state that the opposition offered for export development of economic and political programs. answer is: there should be only a market economy. Example — Europe and the Baltics. Friend, first with Europe and America. With Russian mafia have a mutually beneficial trade. Do not rely on cheap energoelementy. This is stupidity. pity that missed the point of transition to a market economy. What we can recommend to you in this situation, it is in the public adkazatstsa from an MP. Long live Belarus! "
Man: "That was unbalanced bid" chapters "Lebedko. Neuzh he forgot how Lukashenko meets referendums? That criticized him that he spends a lot of them, then offer themselves to hold a referendum. As if do not know how all referendums Lukashenko wins . And have forgotten even their proposals to rename streets in Minsk. Too, because there were some movement to address the nation. But it came zilch, and they come back on the same rake. So already this opposition, so called Lebedko Kalyakin already discredited in the eyes of the people. Well, I mean followers. lukashism necessary to fight and not to apply again to the people who manipulates this very lukashism. Thank you. "
Man: "Good morning, pochetaemoe Radio Liberty! May 30 in the newspaper" Russian Belarus "published an article" Dance under Mendelssohn’s march. " I would like to hear the comments of Radio Liberty the heroes of this article and gentlemen Fyadinicha Bukhvostova. Like them, the soldiers for the happiness of the Belarusian people, admitted that the EU applies sanctions to the same workers who are fighting for the welfare and Bukhvostau Fyadinich. I would like to hear Milinkevich, who in an open letter to Lukashenko stated that he has excellent links to many governments, the European Parliament, European Union, etc.. Why he did not do anything, that Belarus is not deprived preferences. Lukashenko will always have a sandwich with caviar, but the people. For whose well-being Tipo fighting these gentlemen and Fyadinich and Bukhvostau and Milinkevich, just first to suffer from sanctions. "
Anatoly Saharusha: "After the collapse of the regime one of the first to punishment must be held by those who had a hand in dismissal from employment Anastasia Palazhanka ancestors."

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