LIFE in Belarus until

As already said, the last chief editor of the "frozen", "LIFE" Kirill Pozniak, at the moment the team is dissolved, office rent, but actually a commercial enterprise will continue trials register in Belarus:
"… Therefore, what you need hear more or less clear answer from the Ministry of disk imaging — either positive or negative. Because there is no specific answer to say: we do not give to you a license. And accordingly, no further explanation — why no such permission. In general, and no claims also not announced.
In total 32 pages of "Life" was supposed to have half of local materials. In the future, want to do and in Belarusian issues. After all, namely, Ukraine has as Russian issue, and Ukrainian. Naturally, the language situation we have another little, but such plans were. "
Cyril Pozniak convinces in Belarus they were going to produce only an entertaining project. All the same policy is concentrated in another publication that went along with "Life" — the newspaper "Your day".

Newspaper "Life" is published in Russia since 2001 and is considered the number one tabloid in the Russian media market. Weekly circulation of 2200000 copies, and its regional editions out in Russian regions, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

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