Lipinski: We will try to become the ambassador of Belarus in Europe

Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Minister of Culture and State inheritance Kazimierz Ujazdowski become respectable patrons of the Festival of Belarusian culture, which ended recently in Wroclaw. Lipinski sovereign states that the Polish authorities for today is a natural gesture of support for Belarusian culture.
"I remind you that today the government of Poland, most people engaged in opposition activities in the 70 years in communist Poland and for us it is a natural thing — assist others. We it mattersbe to invest a lot of money and energy to help the people of Belarus "
Does this mean that there is no policy configuration Warsaw as for and deeds to the Belarusian authorities and a civilian society would not? Some newspapers report that the West can go to the dialogue with the official Minsk to restrict support for democratic forces.
Lipinski: "Totally not! No such risk. I can responsibly say that the ruling party now" Law and Justice "never would do that. But I think that if the opposition and" plainclothes platform "came to power, it would be too. Politics in Poland this case specific and will not change until the system configurations in Belarus "
In soon you can often hear that the official Minsk to make concessions international society, zmyakchayuchy, for example, sentences for opposition activists. How staring at it in Warsaw?
Lipinski: "I do not know whether it is really only a temporary assignment or strategy, but I do know that a tough approach to people who only express their thoughts, unacceptable to the international community. If Lukashenko wants to have a good relationship with its neighbors, it must completely abandon such practices. Maybe the last steps is a symptom of change coming. I hope that the changes really are, it’s not just a tactical game. "
Poland supported at the municipal level, capacity-independent channel for Belarusians. Previously, no one did anything like this …
Lipinski: "Television Belarus begin work in the fall. This is the greatest project of assistance to Belarus, not only in Poland, and, perhaps in globally. I hope that this will be an effective tool to break the Belarusians with unbiased information "
Head Office of the Polish prime minister also highlighted that Warsaw will help Belarus on her way to the future European Union.
Lipinski: "We probably will try to at the time when the system will change in Belarus, to be the ambassador of Belarus in Europe, also seek to Belarus’ accession to the European Union."

Adam Lipinski and last salting of Poland to Belarus Mariusz Machkevich

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