Liquidators are turning to international society

In the Tribunal Pershamaiski district came more than 10 Single people to support Vladimir Luzán. Among them liquidators of the various regions, as entrepreneurs and members of local councils.
Vladimir Luzán after the Chernobyl tragedy 6 months worked in Chernobyl zone in the unit deactivation. Has a number of diseases and underwent several operations.
At the conclusion of the Gomel honey commission disability was due to the effects of radiation. But last year, he canceled an invalid license.
According to the decision of the Supreme newcomer of the expert committee, the disease is not associated with the liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. The members of the expert committee said that previously Gomel doctors were wrong.
Says Vladimir Luzán:
"It is outrageous to do with me. I almost left without any additional funds that I could had spent on healing, on medication, even on the same juices … I have a family with two kids. All suffer, as I have at the moment many have to justify to recover its own status. "
In such a situation were thousands of liquidators.
Alexander Volchanin, director of the board of the national association "Liquidator", was on the court. He told that the liquidators began to advise Dr. Yuri Bandazheuski.
Russian and Ukrainian organization "Chernobyl" liquidators Belarusian offered to host an international conference in Moscow. On the days of its assistance offered liquidators from Lithuania and Latvia. They expressed solidarity with Belarusian colleagues.
"Do not do the liquidators must defend themselves in court and prove that their disease associated with exposure to radiation. Now even kids know that health is very bad influence radiation. And we are obliged to prove bureaucrats with higher education, we need medical care and sanatorium healing. They look as if anything about it do not know. Do not we have to justify, and the government should help us, "- said Volchanin.
The tribunal came and liquidator Vasily Siliverstov from Kalinkovichi. He told the "Freedom":
"The government is very afraid of social explosion. Bureaucrats at various levels on the ground and we fear will not even give us the ability to meet. They persecute activists on the ground that they were silent. Belarus has over 120 thousand of the liquidators, and they are respected in society, because risk own life and health for all people. "
Vladimir Luzán said that he would defend their rights in all courts. He wants to appeal to international organizations.
Together with them will file complaints several hundred emergency workers who lost their health during liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy.
Victor Gorbachev, Borisov favorite businessmen, said that in July, a conference of businessmen and liquidators.
Currently underway preparing public campaign march on September 30, in which the liquidators are planning to participate, entrepreneurs, donors, students, disabled persons and the elderly.
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