Live coverage of the Congress of Democratic Forces. 2nd day

18:20 At the press conference, which was accomplished after the Congress of Democratic Forces, journalists have wondered why we need as part of the United Democratic Forces faction? Anatoly Lebedko

"Factions had to remove the tension that was when the question was put bluntly: either this strategy or that? Faction in format allowed to have those documents that bind people ideologically first. And that’s because these strategies could be considered as time in the format of fractions. I I do not think that our group ("plainclothes action") will end. We agreed that it will exist at least in the web space. There is a mechanism that allows to use the potential and abilities of people included in the fraction for a common cause. And if it mattersbe expertly, then, I think there is potential, mental, first, which can be to use. Besides, it is one of the devices exchange information between the center and regions, as there are many people who represent regions. "
17:04 Co-Chairs of the Political Council became chairman of the BPF party Vintsuk Vyachorka, chairman of the Communist Party of Belarus Sergei Kalyakin, the chairman of the Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko, acting chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Gromada" Anatoly Lewkowicz. For such a decision voted 35 people, against — 5.
16:45 Congress united democratic forces ended. 336 delegates voted in favor of the new composition of the Political Council of the united democratic forces». Soon begin the first meeting of the Political Council, which will defined co-chairs and their areas of work. In the political council includes about fifty people.
16:28 Delegates took all three main documents of the Congress: economic platform, constitution and small acts SLM strategy. For the first 2-documents — there was disagreement. Over 365 delegates voted strategy, against — 185, 20 delegates abstained.
16:00 The other day, voting in opposition strategy, our correspondent asked some favorites of factions and party activists to assess the work of the forum.
Alexander Milinkevich:

"The main thing that it was not a situation like in the cemetery that no discussion, no truth … I think this is very useful if different viewpoints among themselves vysvyatlyayutstsa, coordinated, and not be afraid of all this. Some they say — you break unity. contrast, unity can only be when all have the right to speak. situation indicates that the only strategy is not developed yet plus I had read about this before Congress that must work on it. Respect need something, and that point view, and maybe there could be two of the coalition, which will accept any of their strategy, and certain things will do well together — and this could be. "
Sergei Kalyakin:

"People behave very intense, intense fighting for their attention, for the fact that their eyes got here victory. How they behave after, when, maybe not their concept is adopted, there will be enough people have the courage to accept this choice, which, in fact, does not contradict their choice? "
Vintsuk Vyachorka:

"Congress was held, people came, and since we are at the moment in this political offseason, not in a day or agenda of the presidential election or a revolutionary situation, it is clear that the main focus should be about strategy and strategy work. I am personally very sorry that speech about the strategy did not work. It came down to the exchange tabs and injections. I hope all this will pass, and already the coming future will show that someone is willing to work and be a favorite, it will work and will be the favorite. "
Valentine Palevikova:

"Today is a day more than that of a benevolent, it seems to me that despite the insults of any favorites that appeared, it did not take room. But in general, there is a movement forward, there is understanding, people do not have a bad mood. "
Alexei Yanukevich:

"The main purpose of the Congress was to clarify that situation, in what turned out to democratic forces, to learn whether we can continue to work or can not, if we can — what were the issues we can work on, as we have the will and political responsibility to continue cooperation. think that Congress is very excellent all showed that there are dangers, threats, and practically he showed that contradiction — they are not as great. "
Anastasia Palazhanka:

"I am confident that this congress more smehaty since I, for example, it is shameful to look at all shameful by young people who lose some hope and get frustrated after such meetings, but still I hope that all ends well. Though the young people one way — fighting near Milinkevich, that there would not happen. "
15:40 Zavyarshaetststsa re congress participants. Next voting for the economic platform of the united democratic forces» for a small project for the Constitution and strategy.
15:30 Vintsuk Vyachorka: "With the New Year came brand new situation. Energy war with Russia led frightened more or less appropriate people …"

15:20 In the center of Minsk on Independence Avenue moving column — 7 buses with soldiers of internal troops.
15:15 Vladimir Kolos: "How exactly do those who do not learn from our mistakes? .."

Vladimir Kolos "Milinkevich should not leave, should not be closed. Milinkevich should represent Belarus before the world"

15:00 Milinkevich: "Not leadership principle, and that will do … It solves a specific strategy "

Continuation of:

Milinkevich: "The place of politicians — the people"

14:49 Refreshed data on the number of members of the factions. "Regions for freedom" — 201 delegate PKB — 124 "civilians action" — 118, BPF Party — 97, "Labor Alliance" — 93, "justice and solidarity of Belarus" — 93 "European Coalition" — 46 "Party freedom and progress "- 28 delegates. According to the procedures of Congress, factions, which have more than 91 members, a seat in the presidium of the political council of the united democratic forces.
14:40 Pictures from the Congress of Democratic Forces. 2nd day
14:35 The Congress adjourned for 15 minutes. According to Chairman of the Credentials Committee Tatyana Vanina, unscheduled break due to the fact that some delegates held pressure. Tatyana Vanina did not specify which one, but explained that the pause is needed to make the re-registration of the congress participants.
14:15 Paul Seviarynets said that the strategy of the united democratic forces — a strategy expectations. Seviarynets together with Nikolai Statkevich offer control strategy: active opposition to the regime, an appeal to his side of the people who criticize the regime, but not mustered the courage to speak. Seviarynets Paul believes that the management of the united democratic forces» did not determine the direction of development of Belarus — the West or the East. Seviarynets convinced that Belarus should move to Europe.
13:20 One of the favorites businessman Anatoly Vasilyev said that he sees in the midst of the likely favorites» united democratic forces Syavyaryntsa Paul and Alexander Kozulin. Vasiliev supported the protection Kozulin noble chairman. About Milinkevich Vasilyev said the following: "A good man, but not an eagle."
13:15 According to the official press service of disk imaging Congress, in the midst of loss of accreditation — a representative of the press service of the United civilian party Lena Makarevich. Lady accused that she participated intensely in support Milinkevich: chanting slogans and waving her arms.
12:46 alternative strategy is Paul Seviarynets Congress.
12:25 A member of an unregistered organization "Young Front" Dmitriy Fedoruk, representative political prisoner Artur Finkevich, in the speech to the delegates said now Congress was not allowed on a dozen friends "Young Front". At the 1st of young people wasselected and press accreditation, Dmitri Fedoruk selected mandate delegate.
12:05 SMS message to the number "Liberty" 391 22 24 "Neuzh that most of the Congress NOT zarumee that roundtable beat 13-year-old dictatorship that humiliates every day opposition impossible. Necessary to beat! Belarusians Minsk "
11:40 SMS message to the number "Liberty" 391 22 24 "Everything they say about a union, but its not even close to be seen. Turns any party" party. "I am not an adherent of one favorite … I for co-chairs, but that can be negotiated, that dialogue with this power until political prisoners behind bars, there is not freedom of speech? For strategy "Zmagannya." MF is not suspended! Kirill, Zhlobin. "
11:35 Entrepreneurs collected 18 thousand signatures for to cancel the Presidential Decree number 760. This was one of the favorites pavedamivz businessmen Viktor Gorbachev. Decree number 760 prohibits personal businessman have a 3-wage workers. Gorbachev said that among the 47 delegates to the congress business. They come in different factions. Gorbachev said that business activity is low. "This situation resembles something in opposition, where many chiefs and not enough indetsav" — he compared.
11:30 Acting Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Gromada" Anatoly Lewkowicz criticized Milinkevich, and said the decision of party control: a vote on the question of the election of Alexander Kozulin noble President of the Congress.
11:25 Anatoly Lewkowicz, acting chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Shame one candidate who was in opposition to the opposition!"

From 11:20 faction "European Coalition" made Paul Seviarynets. Seviarynets said: "We have one favorite — Alexander Milinkevich. It is capable of on the basis of the movement" For Freedom "make analog Polish" Solidarity ". Seviarynets Paul urged to find an agreement with the Belarusian people through Belarusian solidarity." Negotiate with the government, which begins May 28 judge the Young unrealistic. Need to get a victory, "- said Severin. He also urged harsh way to discuss strategy. Seviarynets his speech, Paul graduated from the words:" Belarusian National Movement will never be controlled by the Kremlin. "
11:15 Head of the faction "Labor Alliance" Alexander Bukhvostau proposed to recognize the work of the Political Council of Democratic Forces unsatisfactory. "How can deliver the highest score of the organization, if they had no executive bureau, not even a secretary who would fix and suggestions? "- Said Bukhvostau.

Senior Delegate Felix Shkirmankov of Mogilev region, now turned 81, calls for the continuation of a favorite of Democratic Forces for Milinkevich

10:45 Acting Chairman of the faction "justice and solidarity of Belarus’ Igor Rynkevich offered choose Alexander Kozulin noble chairman of the Political Council of the united democratic forces».
10:30 SMS message to the number "Liberty" 391 22 24 "If you finish Share satchels? Sickening listen. On what kind of power you want, if you can not come to the same thought. Nicholas, Smorgon," "If one day unleash all political prisoners, we can conceive of a dialogue with the authorities. "
10:00 The Congress formed the following fractions: BPF (101 delegates), the Party of Communists of Belarus (124), "Regions of freedom" (200), "Labor Alliance", "European Coalition" (50), the organizing committee of the Party of Freedom and Progress (28), "justice and solidarity of Belarus" (Managing Alexander Kozulin, 95), "plainclothes action" (fraction of UCP 121).
9:30 Representatives of the Organizing Committee for the Congress of Democratic Forces held a press conference. The press conference answered the question of "Freedom": how the party leaders stayatstsa to the fact that members of the party are included in the various factions? Vladimir knows Glod:

9:00 Views listeners "Liberty" on the Congress of Democratic Forces.
Telephone in Minsk 266 39 50 2nd

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