Live reporting from the protest against the abolition of privileges

20:20 Protesters decided to disband.
20:10 Police cordoned off the area of the Trading House "On Nemige" and restaurant "McDonald’s." Franak Vyachorka:

20:00 SWAT police hunts protesters Nyamiha Street. Franak Vyachorka:

19:55 SWAT police squeezes column of Independence Avenue. Franak Vyachorka:

19:50 Outdoor Urban shaft young people who have moved towards October Square Independence Avenue, riot police blocked the road. Column turned on Urban shaft. There are already paddy. Franak Vyachorka:

From 19:50 Russian police department released a favorite "BPF Youth" Ales Kalita. He stated:

19:45 Group of students moving on October Square. Knows protestor Franak Vyachorka:

19:05 From the Central police station began releasing detainees. Manages student of Belarusian Institute of municipal economic Lyudmila Atakulava:

19:00 Representatives of the organization "New Way" held a rally at the site at the Sports Palace. About 10 people were on an improvised stage. They raised white-red-white flag and chanted "No abolition of privileges!"
18:40 Knows Franak Vyachorka, who joined the column on Independence Avenue

18:30 2nd column protesters against cancellation of privileges moves from Yanka Kupala Yakub Kolas. Police drove guests from Yanka Kupala. Eyewitness:

18:25 From the Central police station released Andrei Sushko, watching the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. He said that he was detained because he was wearing a yellowish shirt. Say, in the police special forces had orders to detain all who had to discover a odezhku. (Some protesters wore yellow T-shirts). Sushko said that commandos detainees were treated very cruelly. In paddy students threw on the floor. Andrey Sushko said that the Central police station is now 14 people.
18:15 Employee Central police station, which is not given, said, "Freedom", which is part of the detainees were released. The policeman said the number of detainees. He also refused to say how many of them are already released.
18:10 Franak Vyachorchka Arseny Pakhomov Russian left the police department. Franak Vyachorka:

17:50 journalists on duty at the police station building Russian. Here are 6 of the detainees. Others were taken to the central police station of Minsk. Total detained more than 20 people.
17:45 Ales Kalita by telephone from Russian police department commented crackdown protests and beating participants. Commando confiscate his phone.

17:40 Franak Vyachorka by telephone from Russian police department:

17:23 Hanna Sous reports:

17:25 Began detention. SWAT beats protesters. Hanna Sous passes.

17:20 column Yakub Kolas move about 200 people.
17:15 Dmitriy Fedoruk said, "Freedom", the convoy moves on Yakub Kolas.
17:10 In the column 80. Many wore masks "rabbit ears". Participants of the rally carried banners: "We are forced to be hares."
17:05 Activist unregistered arganiaztsyi "Young Front"Dmitriy Fedoruk said beheld as police detained three people.
17:03 About 30 people heading towards the supermarket "Neighbours". Some of them wearing yellow shirts with the inscription "No ticket, because no benefits."
17:02 Managing Detained Youth BPF Ales Kalita. Kalita said via phone, "Freedom" that he was being taken to the police department of Minsk Russian.
17:00 Detained Youth BPF activist Franak Vyachorka.
16:55 Students moving toward the restaurant "McDonald’s." Many are holding mask with ears of rabbits. This mask — a sign of the action "free rider." Cancel anticipates the abolition of privileges reduced fare in public transport for students.
16:50 Several 10-s students leave the Park of Friendship of Peoples. People in civil warned the audience that if they do not leave, they will remove and detain buses for the city. Students are going to hold a rally at the stop of the public transport.
16:45 Riot police police said "Freedom": "No action will not be here. We will not allow it."
16:40 Riot police detained Misha Shatsev. Policemen inspect his things and found the book "Small conspirator."
16:35 Riot police tended personal belongings Young people, who go to the park of Friendship of Peoples on the square Bagalor.
16:30 Detained Chairman of the Board of the organization "Union of Belarusian students" Eugene Ivaniuk. He was detained on Yakub Kolas. He was heading to Bangalore Square.
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