Lukashenko instructed to make the structure for the control of economy

As noted in the preamble to the directive, the country has not created a holistic system of saving material resources, which reduces the competitiveness of the economy, the performance of all types of fuel, energy, raw materials and equipment, energy intensity of gross domestic product in Belarus and a half to two times higher than in developed countries with similar climatic criteria and structure of the economy, is the highest Russian and material production; insufficiently used many secondary resources and waste production.
Directive prescribes do katigorichnye saving measures and prudent use of energy and material resources in all areas of production and housing and communal services, accelerate technical peraasnashchenne and modernization of production on the basis of introduction of energy and resursazberagalnyh technologies and techniques, improve science, technology and innovatorskoy activities provide stimulation of fuel energy and material resources and other measures.
Now the chairman of the Committee of municipal control Zenon crush during a private tour of Vitebsk region, told reporters that the SCC increase control over energy conservation and optimal implementation of resources in connection with the entry into force of the presidential directive number 3. "We will hunt down every penny that highlights the government," said Z.Razlamyvat.
• Full text of the Directive on the website President of Belarus, 14.06.2007

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