Lukashenko’s regime before our eyes becomes human form

Congress of Democratic Forces and contradictions inside the democratic opposition — the theme of many letters that gets "Freedom" in these last days of May.
Our listener Vladimir Sidarenya from Minsk believes that the Belarusian opposition soon developed a fundamentally new conditions, and it does not use them:
"Power has allowed the opposition to hold the congress in Minsk, and not even suit any provocation. One by one they are released political prisoners who are not sat own term: Statkevich Seviarynets Sadovskaya …
Oppositionists in the near future and make new criminal cases, and if they are punished, the fines rather than arrests. Mode before our eyes becomes human form. Lukashenko apparently changing its strategy and strategy, and can no longer be regarded as dictator.
But opposition to this new shift in policy Lukashenko does not use, as expected. Followers are squabbling among themselves, arguing over who of their chief. Apparently, for this power and allowed them to Congress, that they really quarreled among themselves. "
So, sire Sidarenya, some signs of easing mode noticeably. Power is obviously keen to show international (first Western) society is ready to make certain concessions in the direction of liberalization.
Premises of this metamorphosis are obvious: policy of isolation has led to the fact that the country was on the verge of huge economic challenges. And at the moment the power is trying to mitigate the likely consequences.
But read about any katigorichnye configuration policy regime until it beforehand. Power freed only those prisoners who, and so remained until his release a few months. At the same time, remain in the bullpen Alexander Kozulin, Andrei Klimov, Dmitry Dashkevich and others.
In Belarus, as before trial for dissent, arrested for his role in peaceful protests, do not allow printed independent newspapers.
One of those who have long been disillusioned with the ability of the opposition in its present form — our listener Boris Rut’kov from Minsk:
"At the present day for me to say: do the latest opposition unrealistic, as the old opposition strongly oppose the emergence of modern political power. The opposition, which was to This time — it psevdaapazytsyya and her favorite — psevdalidery.
Because it makes sense to do what nibudt-like information-analytical center. He has to collect political, and other information, dirt on top officials, information about mass violations of human rights in Belarus. On this day it is — most importantly, because specifically it is very unsafe for the regime.
In general, I believe that Lukashenko is looking forward to March 2008, when the new president of the Russian Federation. And suddenly he will find a common language with the new Russian favorite and return the preferential prices for oil and gas? "
In Belarus, the emperor Rut’kov acts are many different kinds of public organizations, human rights and research centers that monitor the political situation, the human rights situation, the configurations in public sentiment … The emergence of yet 1st Information Centre is unlikely that-nibudt significantly change.
As for adjustments in Russian-Belarusian relations that may occur after 2008 … Hard to imagine that the new owner of the Kremlin (whoever it was) had spent billions of dollars to agree to return a cheap Belarus oil and gas.
Even if happen indescribable — coming to power, for example, a favorite of the communist Zyuganov — fundamentally Moscow’s position this issue unlikely to change. Putin offered Belarus to join the province of the sixth. Zyuganov, perhaps, agree to an autonomous republic. In any case in question and will go on the Elimination of Belarusian independence.
Many of our listeners Incline age students and students worried rapid cancellation of privileges, which initiated the power. Refers to the significant discounts on public transport, pharmaceuticals and utilities.
An emotional this topic sent a retiree from Levon Mazanik Columns:
"I appeal to the president. G. Alexander, you do not touch our benefits!
And if you really need a few million bucks, paraphrased at least a third of that numerous amounts kagebistam, special forces and riot police who protect you. Neuzh do not see that their usefulness — zero. They only angered people and maimed kids and ladies at rallies.
And even better — vyischite those millions in their own subordinates. After all, they steal just million — is well aware of all the people, and our eyes behold the walking and driving past the new estates superiors. This is not a box of studs, for what in time Shushkevich removed. "
President Lukashenko, sire Mazanik, has already responded to these accusations. Last weekend in Brest, he said that after the abolition of social benefits temperature in Belarus will not rise.
And older people, like any sulked, own president "did not betray and not betray." I think that if the head of the country was not sure about this, yes pensiyanerskiya student benefits nobody would touch him.
Many of our students have directed attention to the occurrence nedavneshnee of so-called "Manifest Minsk Belarus-Russia union." Its creators — the last presidential chief Leonid Sinitsyn and past member of the Supreme Council Parfenovich — essentially calling for the entry of Belarus into Russia, the defeat of the Belarusian independence.
One of the reviews on this appeal politicians who not so long ago considered themselves and democratic opposition, sent by our friend Misha davneshny Lysevich from Lida:
"So we waited own wolves traitors who threw back all caution and came to us in real shape. Lot, sure, utter what is awkward or sensational: we are constructed so long referred to as" the Federal Government. "
So what did differ from Lukashenko and gentlemen Sinicyn Parfenovich? And the fact that, on Lukashenko, yet another country to control (of course, talking about RF) — no question about winding up independence. Because states and our "usenarodnaabrany" everywhere, "we will not give independence." Well, thanks for that.
Sinitsyn and Parfenovich — the personality of another composition. Lukashenko for power against anyone and no he will not decree. These ready to realize their homeland only place Holuiskya capital henchmen. Apparently, yes laurels Paskevich Muravyovs haunt. How is haunted by the same desire to curry favor with the "big mother Russia" …
What: sell Belarus — we Russians and positions, and give a rich old age … And the rest — a philosophy. "
Of course, many political forces in Russia like manifesto Sinitsyna — Parfenovich, because it sounded imperial plans, which Moscow has failed to Lukashenko. Completely may also be that the founders manifest receive generous funding from the East and even long will blink on Russian television screens and taken on some level in the Kremlin offices.
But the Governor-General of the newest Russian province they hardly destined to be. Being a part of the Russian Federation ceased to be an intriguing target for most of the Belarusian society. Independence of their motherland as one of the core values is already taking more than half the population, and this process continuous.
The train has long gone, and these two are still run on rails, trying to catch what catch unreal.
Created by subsequent non-long letter — Yuri Novitsky from Minsk:
"Often I go by tram. At the final stop in Serebryanka often see the same fascinating scene: passengers landed, tram driver picks up a crowbar and go" switch "genym scrap rails — well, sort of" samastrelachnitsa. "Here for you a beautiful illustration of so-called "Belarusian economic miracle", of which so much is told on television imperative. "
This picture, sire Novitsky decades followed a generation i
nhabitants of Minsk. With all this and much of the tram on the streets of the Belarusian capital — the same old Russian cars manufactured Riga Plant, which ran through the streets of Minsk and in the 60s and 70s.
By the way, in the most Riga, where they are executed, they are not taken — so as not to spoil the view of euro town.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.

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