Lukasik family pastor complaint rejected

Jaroslaw Lukasik case involved his wife Natalia, a citizen of Belarus. Pastor himself left the country on June 7, after 14 years of living in Belarus. Natalia Lukasik appealed Miadzieł militia, which ruled in their actions KGB officer. Natalia Lukasik:
"Some of the information in RAM disk imaging KGB, were not disclosed in court. And those that were announced: that" contacts with organizations favorites "Bison", "The Edge", " Young Front "Socially active favorites, among them — Shein, Sadovsky, Yatsevich Dashkevich role in the events of March 2006, control hunger strike … "
According to the lawyer Sergei Lepesha, discussions between the parties with 2 Mjadelsky in court was not:
Lepesh "Yaroslav Lukasik revoked residence permit as he Tipo acted" against state security in interfaith relations. " Point. What is expressed, no one even said. Connection with the "Bison" and so, as I understand it, to religious denominations has no work. That’s the whole problem. "
The Tribunal has not laid out motivation own decision.
Meanwhile Lukasik family now broken. Belarus remains Ms. Natalia and three kids Lukasik. If the court’s decision remains without changes, Ms. Lukasik move with the children to Poland to the spouse.
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