Lyudmila Maslyakova: I’m not sure that the problem is now the favorite opposition disturbs people

"For the Belarusian literature sovetskogo especially gratifying that marked the middle of the Stalin Prize poets we find the name of Peter Brovki — notes in 1947 year "Lim". — Petrus Brovka all his poetry put to the service of the motherland, the people, bolshevitskay party. His poems really party impregnated highest principle and ideology, they powerfully glorify friendship between the peoples of the country and pride sovetskogo Russia — Moscow. "
"Fatherland" on this week 1957 in connection with the third anniversary of the radio "Liberation" writes: "For three years, every day, we — Belarusian political refugees — to recite to you from the free world, reveal propaganda heresy oppressors Bolshevik Russia, call for resistance in the resistance, of ‘impartially inform you of developments in the free world and the life and work of our compatriots in exile. Our goal — is the whole purpose of the Belarusian people. "
On pages "People’s Will" in 1997 , Lyudmila Maslyakova says: "I’m not sure now problem favorite opposition disturbs people. I even convinced that catchy, clever and sincere politician can not seem to calm period reactions total oppression. Well here stand out without lifting the public? A weak to lift people until touched his own — and not the elite politicians! — Interests. Yea, waiting for millions — and you will be on a stallion, and she no longer need lament the fact that "we, the Democrats, the people do not like."

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