M.Zaleski: cancellation of preferences we will lose half a billion dollars

Zaleski: "The decision was made, and not in our favor. It’s very dramatic things happen. Competing such — not for people management. And through solving their own interests makes people worse. It just so I tract, so as» ; impartially I’ll take a pretty penny, others will be taken. "
Reporter: "What are the real consequences for the country will be canceled if the June 21 trade benefits?"
Zaleski: "In economics, everything is connected. This modern globalized economy. These floorbillion dollars, that we, in general, not immediately, not in the first day and by the end of the year to lose, these funds we will be completely unnecessary And we did not lose outright, as well as through it we cling to each other economic things. .. "
EU deprived Belarus trade preferences 16.06.2007
Belarus — the second case of deprivation of preferences after Burma 16.06.2007

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