Malady kept overnight in police

Administrative case on 19-year-old Sergei Klyuyeva discerned referee Russian Oksana Relyava District Court. She acknowledged Man guilty of violating the law on mass events and fined 20 baselines (620 thousand rubles, or 300 U.S. dollars).
The reason was that the leaflets were distributed per share, which is not allowed to power.
Sergei said, "Freedom", which the police detained him late in the evening on May 17 Russian countryside area when he was distributing leaflets calling to come to the park of Friendship of Peoples on May 20.
Man held in the duty of the police throughout the night. In the Tribunal only after it was brought in the afternoon. Says Sergey Klyuyev:

S.Klyuev: "We took yesterday about the second body BSUIR for distributing leaflets … stay all night in the Russian police station near the cell".

"We took yesterday about the second body BSUIR for distributing leaflets. Leaflets were calling to participate in the meeting about cancellation of privileges students in Bangalore Square. I was kept overnight in the Russian police station near the cell ".
Sergei Klyuyev first came to the police and to the tribunal. He told that the funds for the fine it does not:
"I have no such money to pay such a fine — 20 baselines. My monthly salary is less than three times. Nor do I would wish for my account policemen received bonuses. But I have to pay."
Oksana Relyava referee explained to the guy that he should voluntarily pay the whole amount at once or, or agree with bailiffs and pay in installments over six months.

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