MIG-31 would shoot down enemy satellites

MIG-31 would shoot down enemy satellites

The State Duma requests the Government to revive the Russian anti-satellite project
Duma Defense Committee invited the President and the government to return the draft precision complex lesions LEO satellites and missile interception. Parliamentarians believe that it will allow the Russian Federation maintain positions of cosmic defense. But experts believe that the resumption of the project started in the USSR is impossible without profound modernization of military production.

The manuals on the results of the November parliamentary hearings on the aerospace defense of the profile committee members noted the need to resume work on the ground-air complex «Contact» created for destruction of navigation satellites and communications satellites.

«Government of Russian Federation State to instruct the formation of weapons programs from 2016-2025 to predict the embodiment of years necessary arrangements for the resumption of R & D on» Contact «, — stated in the document.

The complex, to create first-1980s Design Bureau «Almaz», comes to ground-based radar and optical detection system, and the MiG-31 in a special modification (MiG-31D). Such a plane armed only with a 10-meter rocket capable of fragmentation warhead to get a satellite at an altitude of 120 km. Ground station was located in Kazakhstan at the Sary-Shagan and aired on satellite coordinates plane. System «Contact» on the idea developers could destroy 36 hours to 24 goals in orbit — but in the 1990s works were stopped.

As explained by the «News» deputy chairman of the parliamentary defense committee Franz Klintsevich, «Contact» will need not only to attack satellites, and for defense.

— Development of high-precision non-nuclear weapon can lately to nullify the ability of modern nuclear weapons and agreement on strategic arms. We now say that to create a complex that will fully capture all that will fly from space — said Franz Klintsevich.

According to the MP, we can not allow even the smallest gap with modern military trends.

— We wish to officially say anything that does not give us a chance to outshine in developments in modern military directions. This is reflected in the president’s address on December 12, and it becomes a priority for us, — said Klintsevich.

Ex-Chief of the Armed Forces Anatoly arms Sitnov noted that the U.S. has at the moment are unmanned air and space craft, performing tasks that were set before the set of «Contact». This Boeing X-37B.

— The U.S. currently has a unit that is capable of 11-12 months to be in controlled flight. This module, and on the fact of cosmic ship that can fit to the satellite and shoot it out of orbit using either laser cannon armament — said Sitnov.

The expert added that specifically aviation will play a crucial role in the case of cosmic attack.
— Air Systems bows whole theater of military actions, and land — only one region in which fitted — he recalled.

But according Sitnova, resume interrupted scientific work on the project «Contact» will not work without preparatory training companies electrical industry.

— Must return the element base and scientific organizations — said the expert.

As the CEO of the holding «Roselektronika» State Corporation «Rosteh» Andrei Zverev continue scientific work begun in Russian Union must certainly with the introduction of modern technologies.

— Recreate the element base, which has been provided for more than 20 years ago, it’s silly. Technology during this time stepped far forward. Russian radio-electronic industry understands how to meet the needs of the military in modern electrical components, but need municipal support — singled Zverev.

According Klintsevich, in the military-industrial complex stored constraints such as negligent performance of the state defense order, and advocacy of individual companies. This led, namely, to abandon production of the MiG-31 for troops ASD.

— Artificially limited the ability of companies, including MiGs — are not given the ability, not given the means, — explained the deputy.

The importance of the development of strategic nuclear armaments and resilience read President Vladimir Putin on December 12 in the Federal Assembly. He noted that the concept of «preemptive instant global strike» necessary to prepare an adequate response.

«We pay for itself perfectly aware of the fact that the missile defense system is the only name on the defensive, but in fact it is a significant part of the strategic offensive potential. Cause for concern and the development of new weapons systems, such as nuclear explosive devices of low power, non-nuclear strategic missiles performing, high-precision non-nuclear hypersonic systems designed to strike a small gap of time and a huge range, «- said the president.

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