Military rhetoric plays into the hands JAPAN CHINA

Military rhetoric plays into the hands JAPAN CHINA
In the Land of the Rising Sun is a debate on the military buildup after coming to power of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Shinzo Abe, pictured) in response to the increasingly brutal policy of China for control over the Senkaku Islands, writes Defense News May 28.
But even the neighbors of the rising sun, which receive generous Japanese investments relate to politics Abe «with mixed feelings.» They welcome Japan as a great regional power, which has built a powerful military potential, but are afraid that «persistent nationalism» Abe, who denies or justifies the terrible war crimes of the country during the second World War, can cause not a good response even from those who once considered himself a friend of the Land of the Rising Sun.
Tensions increased in the matter last week, when the mayor of Osaka said that «forced prostitution» in occupied countries was military necessity. In response, the leading South Korean newspaper published an article that South American nuclear strikes on land of the rising sun were «divine punishment» for war crimes Tokyo.
These mutual reproaches worried Washington, which sees Japan as a true ally in the light of fundamental redirection own strategic focus on Asia. South American officials warned Abe, that he «carefully» carried out its policy.
Abe Cabinet may abandon an expression of regret about the war atrocities and change the country’s constitution, which can give the right to the Land of the Rising Sun to deliver «pre-emptive strikes» and increase the air, land, sea, and missile systems of cosmic. These measures may lead to the fact that some countries in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) will also beware Land of the Rising Sun, as it does in relation to China.
Japan should document their atrocities during the war and take the example of Germany, exactly apologize for war crimes, as it did in Berlin, and then to live in harmony with a strong reputation and positive economic power in the region and in the world.
Assuming the statement that Japan did not do anything disgusting during the war itself was a victim and not the aggressor, Tokyo pushes his friends and plays into the hands of Beijing, which is fueling anti-Japanese sentiment. China uses this rhetoric to claim for himself as a victim of Japanese oppressors and recruit allies for themselves to build exposure in Asia Pacific and the world.

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