Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that political prisoners power is not engaged in trade

Andrei Popov does not see for premature release of political prisoners and the smallest sentence activists "Young Front" desire official Belarusian authorities do better business with the West:
"Again stress that the Belarusian side with no one is a no-trade. And it is not going to lead. Belarus — legal country. And all that is going on in Belarus, occurs only in accordance with applicable law our country . "
Political analyst Vitaly Silitski associates nedavneshny sentence activists "Young Front" activist with another sentence of this organization Dmitry Dashkevich, who was given a half years in prison:
"There are obvious some double standards. Means something is up. And it happens, I believe, in the western direction. "
Meanwhile, now Andrei Popov said that the following week in Minsk held a seminar on "Interaction of media and press services in a democratic society."
The proposal to hold the event was received by the Foreign Ministry of Belarus and the OSCE — Representative on Freedom of the Media Miklos Haraszti. Usually, as evidenced by the representatives of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the authorities are wary of such proposals and find a huge number of circumstances to abandon them.

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