Minsk courts rejected complaints Protestants

"We do not give permission to build their own church and do not allow you to rent space for worship," — argued in the Minsk city court pastor of St. John the Baptist Antony Bokun, when considering his complaint.
Let me remind you, the priest tried to challenge an administrative arrest for a day or three, whom he sentenced Tribunal Central district of Minsk for the conduct of worship without permission.
But the referee Minsk City Court Alexey Rybakov priest dismissed the complaint. Antony Bokun believes that the government violates the rights of believers as guaranteed by the Constitution.
Pastor leads such an example: after his arrest parishioners of St. John the Baptist turned on May 20 addresses to rent a room. What came of it?
"In some places we were that we can let, but you need permission of the district administration. For example, in the houses of culture are interested that their vessels are not idle. But such permission from the district administration did not give" — said Bokun.
Pastor shall mourn chairman of the Minsk court.
And while people pray and expect that during another religious prazdnichka them again broken into and the police pull Pastor Anthony tribunal, as it was already two times.
Defeat ended now Belarusian court and consideration of complaints Protestant preacher from Poland Jaroslaw Lukasik. Preacher lamented the forced deportation — 6 June, he owed leave Belarus, where he remained a family. But the referee Tatiana Paulyuchuk from the Central district court of Minsk agreed that deportation was legitimate.
Wife preacher Belarus citizen Natalia Lukasik said that her husband treated the complaint without a lawyer and a witness from the state entangled in the testimony.
Minsk City tribunal upheld complaints pastor 19.06.2007
Pastor arrested Anton Bokun 03.06.2007
Pastor Anton Bokun fined 28.05.2007

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