Minsk — in expensive cities of the world?

Denis Corbató born in Vitebsk region, studied in Minsk, currently works in Moscow. But on arrival in Minsk in almost all the difference in prices between Moscow and Minsk calls "symbolic" or "irrelevant":
"If in any navedvaessya Minsk" tavern ", the price is less than in Moscow. But if you just live in Moscow, not as a tourist, as ordinary inhabitant, the difference is not so sensitive. Since the goods about the same account . Unless expensive transportation Minsk, and personal services in Moscow also more expensive, because after returning to Minsk go to the hairdresser. expensive in Moscow, of course, rent an apartment (purchase — generally unattainable goal). "
Reporter: "On the outskirts of Moscow, how much is rent an apartment?"
"About 800 bucks, it’s an ordinary one-bedroom apartment. One helps that the average salary in Moscow is higher than in Minsk, but this difference is about half."
Minsk: housing prices are approaching "elite"
The main indicator flashed or tannastsi accommodation — luxury apartments. For Moscow, London and Tokyo, this amount varies insignificantly within the borders of 2000 pounds per month for Hong Kong — 3300 pounds. One of the outsiders "hit parade", Pakistani Karachi, offers apartments for 210 pounds. With regard to Minsk, then, as experts believe the real estate market, the concept of "elitnastsi" there has not yet emerged, but in the "Elite Division" Belarus painstakingly tries. Says Managing 1st of residential agencies Olga Shuljak:

V.Shulyak: "In the not far from the center" remake "in the street Bogdanovich empty studio apartment for rent for 900 euros."

"Well, as a general compute, or luxury home? For example, even in Loshitsa renovated studio apartment for today — $ 500 per month. As for center, then there may be for 1200, and for 1500 — looking at what. And this despite the fact that at the center of new buildings almost none. In close to the center "remake" Bogdanovich on the street, I know, an empty studio apartment for rent for 900 euros. Not far from the station, at the Kirov, apartment for rent for a thousand euros. And the prices do not fall down, as the home all the same are not enough. "
Minsk — shopping centers in Moscow — the traditional fair
In Belarus more expensive not only kvateravatstsa yes eat, and dress. Reorientation of democratic markets Tipo elite shopping centers with high costs of rental displays almost every odezhku the level of "haut couture". But the same Moscow — a mecca for traders. As noted by one of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Anatoly Shumchanka, small shuttles from the former USSR to outfit the clothes, large and small household appliances, computer equipment, communication facilities in the capital markets, and later still manage to have an income from the resale of the product at home:
"Yes, there is a completely different situation, unlike ours. And it seriously, because they are even there is no trace of the requirements that apply to us in Belarus. Russians worked, work and will work, and we, Belarusians, and means there will continue to take back and, as usual, to leave. Replaced in order to somehow here, within the country, to invest them properly, not to bury these shopping centers such as "parking", "Capital" and the rest. But it’s a different story. "
Minsk: "a place with inadequate overhead secondary service and quality of the proposal"?
Minsker Dmitry Lyagchylav earns a living in extreme sports. He — party show jumpers in the water, from the late 1990s, lives in Hong Kong, Asian big city with the most expensive real estate. Coming to the parents about the city states as a place with inadequate overhead secondary service and quality of the proposal. At least, when Hong Kong manages to save, then at home means not clear where "fly":

Z.Lyagchylav: "Here we have the means somewhere" fly. "Nothing is not slower than in Hong Kong. Fact with a similar rate as in there."

"Hong Kong is much more exciting goals rest. There’s just as other civilization, not even know how to convey words. All that advanced, all that is new in the world, first it is there. For myself, by the way, where I can actually afford everything, and still remains, quietly delay possible. And you can not pull a life of poverty. And here, here, means incidentally, somewhere "fly." No slower than in Hong Kong. Actually are equally with similar velocity as it. ‘m Serious. "
For the standard overhead or availability of a large city taken a cup of coffee cost. For Moscow, this 3.1 pound for London and Seoul — 2. In Belarus ist figure, again the same conditional, since even in restaurants tend to entertain guests instant coffee. But foreign beers surpass many of the rules and swing at 5-7 bucks for a half-liter.

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