Minsk region will manage Leonid Krupets

I met with Leonid Krupce in 2001, when preparing a program about Nyasvizh. While he headed Nesvizhski executive committee. Usually district vertikalschikov very reluctantly go to the contact with are independent journalists. But Leonid Krupets immediately agreed to a meeting. I called the reception executive committee and secretary of the sovereign Krupets directly tied me up with it.
1st same words were Leonid Krupets Belarusian. He read a lot about the fate Nesvizhsky Palace. Behaved very democratic, just put me in touch with the main spices in the restoration of the palace, expressed a willingness to assist. After that meeting was prepared programm "Political Geography", and now I quote, that read 2001 Leonid Krupets.
"We feel ourselves Belarusians, since we live in Belarus. Certainly, as majestically Duchy of Lithuania, then nyasvizhtsy felt themselves in the heart of the Principality, as this was the uncrowned capital majestically Duchy of Lithuania. Who — other times, other people, other objectives … "
Later Nesvizhski public activists experienced when Leonid Krupets transferred to another job, and their district headed by a person from another region. During the reign of Leonid Krupets Nesvizhsky area from time to time walking in the bath together with local public activists ….
• Political geography. Shults, 18.06.2001

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