Mogilev: Christina Shatsikava complaint to KGB officials not satisfied

Christina Shatsikava vinyl KGB officers and police officers in the kidnapping and forced into a psychiatric clinic supplies.
His complaint against the officers of the KGB social activist filed a prosecutor’s office to find out who directly, or they are police officers took her to the clinic.
According to the decree prosecutors KGB Grybayla yes Alexandrov acting in accordance with the criminal procedure legislation.
As it should from the case, these employees did order the Minsk KGB investigator Grahovski, investigating the case against members "Junior Front"Fedoruk and Korbuna.
The resolution noted that Alexandrov delivered public activist from Minsk to Mogilev and Grybayla interrogated her.
Or were related KGB the abduction and forced hospitalization activist in the clinic, in the decision were not observed.

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