Mogilev citadel became Orthodox

Collected at Mogilev citadel in time constructing the temple blessing ceremony

Doctor of historical sciences, teacher Mogilev municipal institute named Igor Kuleshov Marzaliuk styled temple building deliberate liquidation of state monument archeology.
Construction of the temple, closed in 2002 and was renewed on June 19. Without the consent of archaeologists and their supervision of the customer of the temple, the holy Orthodox parish royal martyrs and saints of the XX century, willfully increment construction area nearly doubled. Cultural layer zamchischa four a day or dumped in landfills.

Talakovtsy sieved soil taken from the castle

Igor Marzaliuk appealed to the public to sift assist exported soil. Activists White CompanyRussian language organized cleanup. Within 4 days talakovtsy evidence found in the dumps the past. For this time found coins, pottery, glass, wrought nails and human bones.

As fate cultural layer was taken to a place where close to 1948, was the Intercession Orthodox Church. Two months back the clock on this site have established cross.

• Igor Marzaliuk: "They are ready for their orders with monuments of architecture to create anything", 22.06.2007 • In Mogilev citadel build an Orthodox church, 19.06.2007 • Mogilev zamchischa become Orthodox, 11.12.2006

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