Mogilev not all delegates will go to the Congress

At a press conference Mogilev policy stated:
"Our solution is based on the fact that the central authorities have failed to produce a clear understandable objectives of Congress Democratic Forces Belarus also develop a fair, clear and transparent mechanism for nominating delegates to the congress.
As a result, in the Mogilev region several 10-s people who honestly have collected 300 signatures, were denied the right to a role in kantrese.
We do not own abilities litsezreem role in Congress. Such a role would assent nyaspravyadlivastsyu and simple manifestation of lack of solidarity with their friends. "
The participants noted that the statement is recommendatory nature. Politicians do not dubbed a certain number of people who will not go to Congress Democratic Forces Belarus.
Recall, May 12 at the Regional Conference Democratic Forces Mogilev participated 32 participants from 74 registered Congress.
Conference delegates boycotted the BPF, the unregistered Party of Freedom and Progress, as most of the delegates from the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Hulk."

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