Mogilev region: there are not many public organizations that are engaged in the recovery of babies

How should an official of disk imaging, every year more than 50 thousand kids from Chernobyl-affected areas are sent for recuperation limit. The greatest number of kids take Italy, Germany and Spain. How many kids attend these countries Mogilev to learn failed. In the department of rehabilitation Mogilev Regional Executive Committee referred to the lack of spices, which owns such information.
Recuperation abroad occurs through the mediation of non-governmental organizations that take our kids. Mogilev region NGOs that specialize in rehabilitation kids, no. This humanitarian sphere hundred percent monopolized by the state.
Meanwhile disease situation in the region is getting worse. This is acknowledged in his speech at the memorial rally Chernobyl and chairman of the Mogilev city executive committee Victor Shorikov:
"At the dispensary is now worth more than 170 thousand people, a quarter of their babies and children. Analysis of the structure of morbidity slum area indicates that complicated their health. Are increasingly on the rise of a number of acquired diseases. Can not but disturb rejuvenation endocrine diseases and cancer diseases. "
First 90 in Mogilev acted several 10-s charities. Such public organizations involved not only the issues of improvement, and razmyarkovvali humanitarian aid. Naikrupneyshim from their committee was "Children of Chernobyl", which rules Natalia Roslava. In 1997 Committee eliminated. With addition time role of the public in improving kids began to narrow. In general this day, he absolutely declined.

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