Mogilev: second day of the strike donors

The next morning a blood transfusion station came fifteen donors donate blood — less than usual. Activists strikers talked with his staff gave each appeal invitation to join the protests and informed the development of the regional donor organizations.
Donors, but did not agree to read about the abolition of privileges with a reporter.
Says one of the initiators of the strike Igor Kovalenko:
"People in the blood is horror. They feared photographed, afraid to give interviews. Even some work to hide that they donors."
On Saturday, Igor Kovalenko received from the House of Representatives a collective response to the appeal of donors with the requirement to return benefits. He was told that the appeal is aimed at Mogilev city executive committee.
"I just called this" parliament. "It said they did not have the right to enter the configuration into law. Executive committee has the right according to the law "On the donation and other blood component" of its own budget donor add something. But we did not write it on appeal this occasion. We wrote them to come back those benefits, which selected "- says Kovalenko.
Meanwhile Mogilevsky blood transfusion station, as in the past days of the strike, has no problems with donors. In registry told now all donated blood 64 people.
Striking donors are also going to donate blood. But only after the warning strike. Igor Kovalenko donation is going to return on June 29.
Tomorrow will total strikers protest. Tomorrow they are waiting for a response from the executive committee, which forwarded them to the appeal of the House of Representatives, also a response from the government.

7.00. Kovalenko is discussing with donors at the station
Donors go to donate blood
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