Movies: Belarusian dissident taken hostage by the First Lady

Series, which These days are broadcast on German TV Sat1, dedicated to the formation of the German counter-terrorist "GSG-9". One of the film series called "Embassy". Question about how the terrain of the German Embassy in Minsk sudden happens. Belarusian dissident Yanina takes hostage … wife of German President. Individual watchmen can not do anything. Then help is flying to Minsk group GSG-9. Counter-Terrorism operation is conducted in collaboration with a group of Belarusian special forces led by General Syuchenkam. With terrorist longish negotiations underway. Hostage obviously release.
One of the Institute’s Governing terrorism and security studies in the German town of Essen Rolf Tapgofen frequently invited as a consultant on such television series. So it was with the film "GSG-9". Europe’s leading professional in the industry refers to terrorism plot utter nonsense:
"You know, this situation I regard as a very, very incredible. Such in Minsk could not happen. I refused and said consultations creators that must have close to reality scenarios. I know a group of special purpose GSG-9 was not very happy from that movie. I myself have by virtue of their constant time pressure this movie did not look. "

In Minsk there is a street named Stepan Halturina, Russian narodavoltsa, who in the late 1880s killed Odessa Attorney Strelnikova; revolutionary street Ivan Pulihova, who first performed 1900 attack on the Minsk governor Kurlov; street name Misha Bakunin — In honor of the ideologist of anarchism and his "philosophy of the bomb."

Rolf Tapgofen are equally applies to cash these films, and to honoring the memory of terrorists — hands if their names are called street or square. According to professionals, the phenomenon of terrorism is very severe. In order to combat it should be taught as a modern form of terrorism and its historical origins. In any case does not ramantyzavats.
"The terrorists were in Russian and Belarusian history — says Tapgofen. — It is necessary to recall the anarchist Bakunin and his philosophy of the bomb. Still, terrorism on the territory of the former USSR, first in Russia, has so-called domestic origin. Now he is a part of Putin’s policy in the Caucasus region. The organizers of the terrorist attacks is very impressive appeal to the religious emotions fudamendalistskih performers and impose their motivation for revenge. "
As it turns out from the conversation, German spices in the fight against terrorism intently studying the experience of specialized units of other states. Analyzing the terrorist attack at Moscow’s Dubrovka theater, where the hostages were in the midst of Belarusian citizens Tapgofen recalls unacceptably huge number of victims in the capture:
"So, how does the capture of the capital theater when gas was used strong obscure origin, or an example of Beslan — all this is proof that such things are decided on the basis of beliefs capture interest groups …"
According to the German professional major role in the strategy of the German group capture in similar cases play safety and lives of the hostages. "

The Criminal Code of Belarus terrorism described as "the embodiment of an explosion, arson or other actions leading to the death of people and other serious consequences to destabilize public order." Small sentence — eight years jail. greatest — indefinite imprisonment or the death penalty. During the past year, the other day of the presidential election chairman of the KGB Stepan Sukharenko stated that "extremist elements" prepared attacks, arson and poisoning plumbing dead rats. was shown on TV a man who was trained in Tipo spetslyagerah the west.’s forthcoming development the topic not received.

• "hostage taking 15 kids, he claimed the arrival of the Presidential Administration officials and law enforcement agencies" (1996), 19.06.2006 • "The power is not as strong, if scares people invented danger of terrorist attacks", 17.03.2006 • Who speaks on behalf of the "Belarusian people’s liberation army "?, 05.10.2005

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