My Fatakonkurs Belarus light works on your victory

Warmly welcome regular participants fatakonkursu and everyone who looked at the "Freedom." Our competitive Page — a good reason to linger. Impressive gallery! At last Minutka environment (so arrange) we got more than 50 photos. Number creators greatly increased, and among them there are friends who first publication (and quite successful, I’ll tell myself) volunteered for the next role. Call all in order:
Alexei Ozhinsky Firule Alexander, Alex Adamovich, Roman Zabello, Sergei Morozov, Glory, Alexander Kushner, Paul Misuno Arseny Pakhomov, Lyudmila Prakopau Misha Rumyantsev, Anton Yakutovich Vadim Titov, Sister Jeanne, Valery Kazyuminski, Sasquatch, Zorna, InSomnia, Svirepix.
Greenish WIND Sailing
Initiate coverage with a decent picture of Alexander Firuleva "A place that attracts. Young starling."
I advise you to stay in this picture. Only at first glance it may seem ordinary commonplace. Actually the same — very informative, very timid, very biyasferny and very plastic. Wonderful mood passed a day or a rural-year-old womb.
(C) A.Firulev
Noticeable action in the picture — the freshest green wind. I recall that before the middle of June until the birds are busy offspring, man in nature should come as quietly as possible. Sometime during this period, even the bell did not ring in the churches, in order to give an opportunity to consolidate arnitafavne.
Greenish wind in the sails! Many creators are divided light pilgrimage. Vadim Titov sent one, but quite noticeable picture entitled "Reflections." It landscape with tree (it seems that oak) and sudden front edge — incomplete profile "hero" picture.
(C) Vadim Titov, village Korsakov Usha district.
In his eyes, hidden from us, read zacharavanasts nature, the desire to go to his native land, to recognize and protect its beauty. This story reminded me Jazepa Drozdovich. Cheerful presence traveler to shoot himself Belarusian Lakeland landscape gives me some reason to feel this strong Belarusian figure. We need to realize this: travel, traveling as Jazep Drozdovich, love how adored his uncle Joseph Belarus.
As "an attempt to force" provides its fotalisty contest Anton Yakutovich. Starting encouraging sovereign Yakutovich. Put your three works, of which I have highlighted the "Palm caravan" (do not know whether all will be seen on the screen caravan procession zalatakrylak seems, was the name of the first heat awakened kuzurak relevant, but maybe I’m wrong). Suddenly difficult Svitiaz removed, perfectly clear, as the waves take to save. This picture-SOS, refer virtually his Belarusian Ministry. In the end, thanks to the creator and asalodnae invitation to forest booths.
(C) A.Yakutovich. "The way through hills. Rudenskaya Under."
(C) A.Yakutovich. "Palm caravan." Logoiski area.
(C) A.Yakutovich. "Lake Svitiaz". Novogrudok district.
Vidocq lake gallery shows Valery Kazyuminski. We put three of his eight shots. With pleasure I note first snapshot, named as the creator of "Unblemished Myadel idyll lake."
(C) B. Kazyuminski
There is a rare light, which makes it very high water — so not always. It is a moment of fortune. Your fortune, Valery.
(C) B. Kazyuminski
(C) B. Kazyuminski
Other landscapes (which are not included in this publication) the least exciting. As if they were lifted from the 1st coast and one lake. I say this, Valery, for your more fruitful continuation lake theme. Forward to the new!
Meanwhile, water-lake theme supported our creator Glory. First Vidocq Unknown geographically. 2nd picture — "The Angry Beavers" — I wish to note especially. From time to time fundamentally not only see the water surface, beautiful crimson sunset, but to show what is happening around that thrashes key life and whose presence here …
(C) Glory
(C) Glory
Just a city?
"I decided to send the photo as your own. This is not the people, and not the action. It’s just a city. Minsk City. Photographed last year, cloudy autumn day," — wrote a novel Zabello. Share light, even so, there is little davneshnim and lonely and autumn, as we see, never late. Thank you, Roman. On your pictures fotanastroy good, very lyrical and piercing Minsk. You perfectly articulated: "just a city." Alone and without people, so I figured you. You create the city itself and through photos help make it different. Excellent. In the pictures, I might add — not one and the same quarter, Komsomolskaya Street, near Nemiga and your plein air came and accurate "shmatpartretnym."
Put your three work.
(C) R.Zabela
(C) R.Zabela
(C) R.Zabela
Fountain not change values
Continuing the theme find the creator, who signed a naming (?) Zorna. All my map, she writes — Grodno, April 2007. Author names, like shooting, rather mealy. In particular the latter: "The light will be." Thanks, Zorna! As we were tired of waiting, so the whole of Belarus turned on the light in your own backyard. Unfortunately, darkness and despair suited to our ancestral courtyard. Including in Grodno.
(C) Zorna. More alive than I am. The old Catholic cemetery.
(C) Zorna. Gothic in the shower. German Lutheran Church Sv.Iaana.
(C) Zorna. Contrast. Streets of Grodno.
(C) Zorna. Light will be. Courtyard houses uninhabitable.
Grodno — old and "new" — even in the 2-our creators — competition debutants: Sergei Morozov and InSomnia.
Sergey for example own image or did not attempt to protest-relevant interpretation: "There was once a royal palace," — he put in the signature. Near reasonably notices: let not necessarily Palace ("not sure of the title"), but at least the last inhabited area, very valuable and dear to the memory of his native town.
(C) Morozov. Fountains not change values.
CITY blue eyes
InSomnia, it seems to me, one image to make a portrait of an old town. Maybe not yet finished, and what we see, — the first sketch. But at the moment he’s gorgeous. Very good, wise and incredibly friendly. And along the way the young — a look in his window — blue eyes.
(C) InSomnia. Created and named his work — "Windows Grodno."
Light from … Bigfoot and black and white DEBUT
To cityscapes gladly join and sudden light snow man (so subscribed created subsequent reflection). I think this is seen images. Comfortable well maintained environment. Tranquility. Balance. Unfortunately, the creator does not have a city. And there is in such cases and designate the street and intersection, and the pharmacy …
(C) Sasquatch
(C) Sasquatch
With the best "black and white" debut congratulate and Alexei Adamovich. We put one of his 3 shots and look forward to new.
(C) Ales Adamovich. The sculptural form of the entrance to the Municipal Art Museum in Minsk.
Arseny Pakhomov, as the previous time — on the streets of Minsk, in the midst of people and events. In its operational picture. Put a picture with artistic action to defend Christian values — "Plein Air about St. Joseph’s church in Minsk." People need to protect the beloved city.
(C) Pakhomov
Inexhaustible HISTORY
Burning historic landscape on the prints and Lyudmila Prokopova Svirepixa. Compositional variety, they one: old Shults still shrouded in the deepest restoration. Inexhaustible process then continues nearly seventh year and promises to end in this summer. Meanwhile, I can not help quoting both creators. Svirepix referred to his photo "inexhaustible story. Spring 2007" …
(C) Svirepix
…And Lyudmila its panorama fell as true fixed "perestroika process."
(C) L. Prakopau
The work is not dated, I’d add that the restructured and changed very castle tower has not yet kicked off operation forests. The prints litsezreem south facing residence (reverse incoming), which soon moved restoration
and comprehensive work on the subject global heritage. Thank you, gentlemen, for cultural monitoring, will vigorously encourage this trend. A Shults you always expect.
Waiting and Zhirovichi, Lida, Polotsk, World. In other words, the gallery "My Belarus" continue Fame, Misha Rumyantsev, Gregory Ostapenko, sister Joan and Alexander Kushner (Runner-up last week).
(C) Glory. In Zhirovichi. And the trees whisper prayers …
(C) M. Rumyantsev
Misha Rumyantsev referred own picture "Two giants, two patron." One writes creator defended their homeland against the Crusaders pack, second — from the heat. "Under" your photos, Misha asalodnaya coolness. Thanks to you, the builders of the ancient fortress and shady oak satam. In Minsk, hot, need to get together to Lida.
(C) P. Ostapenko (Soligorsk). My compliments to you, Polotsk.
(C) Sister Jean Two sphinxes. Polotsk.
"These much zdymachkav — wrote in a letter to the creator — I did in 2006, when resting at home." Thank you, Sister.
(C) Kushner. Tomb in the world.
Beauty and tenderness
(C) P. Misuno
Photos from Paul Misuno. Own another study he referred to poetically: "Sea of tenderness. Harmony of beauty. " Picture made on the outskirts of Minsk, said Paul. Let there be light always those pictured.
(Picture of the week, first prize)
(C) A. Ozhinsky
Creator — Alexei Ozhinsky. Picture was made on the eve of May 25 — 90 a day or anniversary of the death of Maxim Bogdanovich. Alexei fell so geography Fortune: Minsk region, Molodechno district, village. Rakutevschina. On the approach to the museum-estate Maxim Bogdanovich. Landscape memory. "… Instead of" flowers on the grave. "
Congratulations, Alex!
Prazdnichek in BARANOVICHI (second prize)
(C) L. Prakopau
(C) L. Prakopau
Two shooting Ludmila Prokopova do not require a lot of words. Staring at some of them, in which pink-white-girls holiday silyuet razlivnoga tables occupied before the service can not hold back the tears … Both shooting perfectly mixed one complements the other. Congratulations, Lyudmila.
WINDOWS Grodno (third prize)
Creator — InSomnia. See above.
Especially for our pages have first invitation to see the sudden Belarus. Ecotourists Alexander more than a month living in the outback in the Vitebsk region, helping the helpless old ladies and every day makes traveling to a close, but that of the unknown "Belarusian world." With it, you can be contacted by phone and pull in search of fascinating stories. "Domestic problems will not be sure. Arrange everything, "- says Alexander. His contact number on Velcom: 65-54-60 3.
My advice to staff: do not send a lot of pictures at once. Better to 3. Save your chances. There is still time to send others. Look closely, judge, Match "supplies" with suggestions of the contest — the potential ability may exceed photographed yesterday or a year or two back. See pictures and weight — 200-300 KB us will be enough.
Remains topical and condition of mandatory instructions of your post (the competition "My Belarus" because the competition may not be the only one) is also requested to close clear shot put title object — the temple, monument, place, etc. with marks of geographic location. For example, if the lake, and put Administrative Region (Polotsk, Orsha, Ašmiany …) — we are in an open space, friends, and your light might be interested amateurs environmental travel.
I wish the light in your hearts and cameras. Saturday until further!
Valery Dranchuk

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