My grandfather feels ordinary Belarusian billionaire

Believed people Incline, the elderly — more reliable social support the current government.
But the mood in this environment, conflicting and changing property. In particular, in those periods when the power to make decisions that directly relate to the social security system — as it happened not so long ago with the abolition of privileges.
This is evidenced by mail "Freedom" a significant part of which consists of letters from older people or on behalf of the elderly.
On one of these messages will start the current conversation. The creator of this electric letters — Mark Sannikov, signer as "progressive grandson grandfather":
"Write to me you forced my 90 year old grandfather Semen Markovich. Long years he listens to various Western radio stations, and your radio viz. Watching the morning and having read the official newspapers and television, with great anticipation waiting for 18.00 when the airs next issue of "Freedom."
After sweet "Records" and "success" hunt him very much real information brine adequate perception of the environment in which he lives. His analytical mind from time to time the old man carries even young people. Well, conclusions and questions can stymie even the most experienced speakers.
He remembers a lot. For example, the post-war decline in prices for food. Or Russian bread cost 16-20 cents. But now can not understand why this loaf of bread costs more than a million rubles (including "neadrezanyh" during denomination zeros).
Allowing yourself the huge vodka prazdnichkom not forgets to remind you that bought it in the store more than 5 million "lukeranak" — as well as his grandfather once squandered millions on this "keranak."
He’s not sulking when it is called "senile old", but always mentions boob that his intelligent questions oblamali dozen sages.
Having survived the father of all nations and Stalin nazbiravshy for themselves on personal funeral million rubles in today’s "dad", Semen Markovich commands to bury him as a "billionaire" — as has every right, based on the logic of their own arguments.
Well, with regard to the abolition of benefits for the elderly "billionaires", what could be the benefits multybagatym old who fall into childhood from a misunderstanding of what is happening around ..
Yet he can not realize the concert programs "For Independent Belarus" and often asks, "What, are we at home for quite extract oil and gas, to be are independent? Apparently, we have a secret weapon appeared in the form of a through hole directly to Venezuela and Iran. "
Although I belong to his own grandfather with reverence, but to its questions to answer from time to time I can not, though limited do not consider myself. Can you explain to him more intelligible in their own programs, why is it in such a prosperous country and at such large sums of money — and not an oligarch.
Explain to him, the old man, that our country is not customary to ask the authorities where the funds. In another answer will be in places not so remote for 5 and a half years. Respectfully — progressive grandfather grandson Mark Sannikov. "
This letter was written by electric in Russian, but he was joined by a small postscript on whiteRussian language subsequent lines:
"Father loves and is well aware of the Belarusian language, but it is not enough vylodae because originally it — Russian man with a huge heart that aches for the Motherland."
Your grandfather, sire Sannikov, is well aware of what is happening around, and do not need any special additional explanations.
His ironic questions and mocking comments — is a reaction to the current reality of an old wise man who has gone through so much and seen so much that is not much to be surprised. Unless the human stupidity, which migrates from century to century, from era to era.
Each newcomer leader seems that it is something more intelligent of his predecessors, he will avoid their mistakes and errors. And yet, just stepping on the same rake. Maybe, as the thirst for power and zeal at any cost to keep this power in their hands is not enough to change over the centuries.
And in general, Semyon Markovich is likely needed is not so much the answers to your questions sharp Ironic how interested interlocutor soul lives nearby. I think, sire Sannikov, you realize it himself.
Our listener Misha drugs. Riga for a long time concerned neuvvyazkami human rights in the Baltic States and Poland, and is not satisfied that the Western public attention directs the situation with human rights in Belarus. A listener writes:
"Some of your gear I appreciate bad as they sformirovyvaetsya Belarusians like to put it mildly, an inferiority complex. These programs adjacent countries are represented in the form of a welfare Aaza where Tipo flow flowing with milk and honey. And it is not so .
For example, in Latvia at present such social and economic challenges that the Belarusian problem look at their background, only a shadow.
And what is happening in Poland, whose members love to teach Belarus? Impartially, according to the "Eurostat" Poland for more than 10 years — the most corrupt and thieves country in Europe. And it has not changed after, how to join the European Union.
And so the person leading tone corrupt Poland, Belarus teach. Not the case in the midst of them not so long ago were the Polish representatives — MPs Janusz Onyszkiewicz and others.
Not so long ago, Polish colleagues sent a publication about how one polka won a case against the Polish country.
She wanted to have an abortion on medical evidence. She refused, and eventually the birth she almost blind. These are the rights of the ladies in Poland. And Strasbourg tribunal awarded her monetary compensation, which she has to pay the Polish government. Here such a terrible accident. "
Admit sovereign medicines that everything is in Latvia and Poland is in effect, and many social problems, and the highest corruption and abuse of medicine … All of this, incidentally, is typical for Belarus.
That’s only in Latvia and Poland this can write openly in all media disk imaging, widely open a discussion, to protect their rights -independent in the courts. And, as practice shows, citizens benefit courts against their own country and eventually receive compensation from the budget undated.
Would try to win the victim of medical errors Tribunal for the Belarusian country and get away from it such compensation.
And to help the Strasbourg Court Belarusian citizens in such situations should not count: Belarus, the only European countries that are not entered in the Council of Europe and is not subject yurispundentsiyu this court.
Our listener Peter Nowicki.from Minsk to own writing prepyadstviya discusses the housing and communal services:
"I know where disappearing funds that we pay every month for utilities. Not so long ago I myself had to deal with this system. I was shocked.
At work, public utilities is considered an unlimited number of so-called "dead souls." Relatives superiors, masters, attorneys, accountants, economists … attached to the case even zapivoh yes disabled. Their cards to receive funds — in the pocket wizard or foreman. And they will be given some unimportant amount only drank away.
Double standards — everywhere. Thus, for public complaints being "dark" book and checks for supervisors have a book, "snowy", where all the Tipo in order.
Plumbers, plumbing work on assignments in cash only. Funds are made on everything — spetsadenni, detergents, tools, brooms … All on paper, virtually nothing is output.
There ZhESy where bosses are changed once a year: cashing in and go. Especially when being a complete home renovation. That’s where a bonanza for crooks.
Complaints from the inhabitants ar
e all instances. But in the end they will be sent to those people whom complain. Comes a vicious circle, in which chiefs and various ZHREU ZhESov feel their total impunity and vsedazvolenasts.
Until then we have lived: a healthy person has no chance to live with dignity. "
Maybe what either you, sire Novitsky, exaggerate, but in general these shortcomings, indeed, typical Belarusian utilities. Even municipal bureaucrats understand that monopoly ZhESov started the whole system to a halt.
But the situation is not hopeless. ZhESam municipal candidacy is — it is friendship owners, so called "condominiums." In Minsk and other large cities have already created a lot of them.
Taken as the standard system, which has long acts in Western countries. People choose for the management of the house, themselves employ plumbers and cleaners themselves are kept under control, how to spend money.
In the house where I live. also recently made such a society. Forced to announce that within a few months all the inhabitants saw the best side in the configuration. And this despite the fact that payment for utilities compared with the previous time to time even decreased.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.

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