My native kut! How are you dear to me …

I am guided in the countryside Lastok. He — the first on the route Kolasauski if get here through the bridle and finish the journey in Akinchitsah, that through columns back to Minsk. Map Lastok designated — in the woodland. But on the ground, as it turns out, finding it no easier than a needle in a haystack. Neither 1st pointer on the road Ascribe-Columns. No signs, where necessary to curtail the thicket. Because, of course, the best way — to seek help from residents of Surrounding settlements.
"In the winter there is no road. Winter there is no cleaner"
Sverynava — one of them. Villagers said: I’m not the first one who asks to assist in the search for Lastke. Say, since it is unlikely guests tips:
"In Lastke lived Yakub Kolas, I know. Know that previously hired Daniel and people lived there Lastke. How was Daniel, there is little better," — says one of sverynavskih retired.
Kilometer and a half to two forest roads and chipped — that he Lastok.
Forest Farm. At home plate: the poet lived here 5 years own youth.
"He was a fascinating world, their images, life, and in his soul all his conditions had adbitstse."
So Colas wrote about Simon music. In its form, according to literary embodied boyish world Constantine Mickiewicz period of his life in Lastke.
"You walk out of the house on dasvetse and drank the spirit of the earth."
With addition time has been more than 100 years. House — the same, but its inhabitants — others.
"Yakub Kolas lived here. C 1895. He lived here Three years. His brother lived here. Anton called it, in my opinion. I will not read. I partly know — I’m not a tour guide, "- says Lydia Krasnik, doglyadchitsa memorial estate. As a special structure for the rangers no, she and another ranger Yuri Vasilyev Kolasauski allowed to settle in the house. Sovereign Vasiliev:
"The house is warm. When winter glow, then kept warm. However, here grinder eaten. See, that’s the holes. States will fix it all. But when will that be? Necessary to change the floor — see what threshold? And the other side is the same porch. boards I never got it. Here no sawmill, nothing. "
Lastok: Today’s residents Kolasauski manor
Lastok: In this small clip was taken Konstantin Miscavige
At her house Kolosov today’s owners are not only not invited, and th discouraged included — say, not cleaned. In the end, let — not personal same farmstead …
In one of the living rooms there are several exhibits — the poem "Symon the Musician", portraits of the parents of the singer. Ms. Krasnik explains, previously had more exhibits, but they were taken to Minsk Museum Kolas.
"And bust it. And jambalaya was. And they presently willing to do, I do not know."
Lastok: In the forest districts of the former gatehouse
Honestly, what the court you feel better in this museum. I ask Mrs. Krasnik:
Reporter: "Often people come here?"
"In the winter sometimes. And in the summer are often. Winter, there is no road. Winter there is no cleaner."
From this area there is no telephone connection — either stationary or mobile.
Lastok we did not muzeifikavany so that mass of people there to carry
After the beginning of such excursions to places recall the words of the poet’s director of museum complex Kolas Zinaida Komarovskaya, which said the other day:
"Lastok is 25 kilometers from the column. Lastok And we did not muzeifikavany so that people carry there en masse. There is a house, a decent house, and made little room dedicated to Simon music. But there is no mass visit. We visited the main Akinchitsy, or Smolnya. "
Well, it will move on. Subsequent point on the route Kolasauski — Smolnya.
Once it was the tract. Currently Smolnya considered the center of the museum complex: word and deed. I met a nice lady type. Sophia Miscavige — niece Kolas. Kolosov Yusik daughter brother. She spent her life here:
"And indeed this area is associated with the ear. He lived here died, but lived. And there it was not much. Born in Akinchitsah. Lived there when I was small. He was five and a half months. Later with Akinchits sent to Lastok . Later album. Misha chased from place to place. What was the reason? Very good was a forester. "
Smolnya: Thus was born "The newcomer earth"
Smolnya: In this house the first time and met Colas Kupala
Smolnya Kolos called niece Sophia Zosya
Kolosov’s cousin works there guide. Uncle, as a legacy, preserved a tremendous respect for the mother tongue. Because of this work is not always satisfied:
"Nobody does not know the language of the Belarusian. At this point, seems to have become a little bit better."
What was the greatest prize in Kolasa?
And yet, niece knows Kolasa, often have to refute rumors about the singer, as the rich, but very stingy person:
"From time to time ask and tell me what the biggest prize was in Kolasa and how many and for what, I say that the greatest for" Simon’s music "when Colas received 2,500 rubles. But immediately returned. Kolos read:" How long have I patients, as I have those that they themselves can not live. I must help them. "And once asked:" Is it true that Kolasa was a whole bag of money, but how to go home, then it is stolen? ". Answer is that if and gave him a bag of money, then they are not carried Kolos . On the way he would have given them to someone to share. "
After I visited the Smolny albutsit th Akinchitsah. In these parts of the estate also remained associated with the singer. True, and in one, and elsewhere on the doors hung locks. As explained inhabitants Akinchits, estates open for organized tourists. I was disorganized. According Komarovskaya on a category they do not cater guests:
"It’s not Vyazynka. He will arrive in columns, and what will get there? Since Akinchits from column to four kilometers from Akinchits to albutsit — in some places four or five miles. Albutsit From Smolny again to the same four kilometers. Overall this decently enough distance. If they go, it is only organized. "
By the way, in spite of the holiday, on the day all Kolosov route I was the only tourist. Spadyrynya Komarovskaya seems many guests also not very happy:
"To say that a lot, it is not a lot, but come. Babes Minsk, too."
Or: Krinichki narrow bed
Album: In this court, the future poet grew
I do not remember: was born there or Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas
In Minsk, I surveyed people on the streets of the capital. Interested in mass experience of literary classics:
Reporter: "You know where he was born Yakub Kolas?"
Lady: "I do not remember."
Man: "Kolos? Ponyushkovichi In the city, the district has forgotten."
Man: "I’m not sure. I was there long ago, back when he studied at the school."
Lady: "Somewhere in Polessie."
Man: "Honestly read, I do not know where he was born. Township Trenches? I do not remember: was born there or Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas."
Reporter: "And what he wrote?"
Man: "No, I do not remember."
Lady: "I do not know. Already long ago it was."
Lady: "My native kut like you dear to me! Forgot you were not able to." Although it may Yanka Kupala I’m confused, I do not know. "
Reporter: "Was there ever a desire to visit his place, or offered for you do?"
Man: "If it Vyazynka, I there was. "
An employee of the 1st of Minsk Travel agency Valentine commented survey results followed as follows:
"At the place where they were born of culture and art of Belarus, there is no general advertising."
Perhaps, it is hard to assign to another until Kolasa language will remain a stranger to control the country.

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