New Garden: The difference between the living and the dead that we can still decide

According to statistics, the Orthodox believers in Belarus for more than 70 percent. But in fact much less faithful. And there are pockets of deep faith, sometimes in unexpected places. On one of these environments, and I wish to tell.
In New Garden I got completely the case. Coming to the country, I turned to this village, so look at the monument of architecture of the last century, and the remains of the manor park Belarusian gentry Bungenov.
In the village, I asked the first counter Mrs. how to find the homestead. A lady, attractive, intelligent lady, not surprised my Belarusian, Belarusian to me and said.
Said that in the manor house has long been equipped with the temple. A New Garden Village, before the revolution aristocratic residence, the last 10 years is the seat of spirituality.

Svetlana: "The Church that we are painfully long and repaired, and repair this is not finished yet. We have an excellent father, he pays a lot of attention to this. He has 10 kids. All, however, practically adults.
Father we have a rare man. I wonder from time to time, as it forces all missing. He will fall, but will do then it must. Have to build a new temple on the hill, near the bus stop. And we have a small parish, unfortunately. With New Court believers are not so little. "
Reporter: "Why?"
Svetlana: "I do not know. Surprised myself. People in the church age are critical. Not just flegmantichno and intensively may not accept. This is not slander, it is regrettable. In my criteria in recent years if not a religion, I do not know what happened to me it would be. "
Mrs. Svetlana — former teacher of Belarusian and Russian language, life gives preference to native language.
Reporter: "For you, does not prevent nebelaruskasts our church?"
Svetlana: "So you can not read. During 1-x, the church stands on top though what nationalities. Man, he is a man. Though Chinese, although he malyaets although he Belorussian. God stands on top of it. This is what we, the people were divided into civilization. That we all lived godly principle would it be who you are?
Another thing is that the times we live in such a world, we should not forget their roots. It would be very sour world — all are equally they say, are equally sing, all are equally thinking. "
Reporter: "It is curious, do you agree with that idea What this Belarusian language Belarusians from God, and the Russian language is not given by God, and this Tsesaram?"
Svetlana: "No matter what language though what civilization is given, apparently from God. How? She is so beautiful. Suppose not sulk Russians — folk, speaking whiteRussian language attractive. Literary Russian — richer. Surprised this is not necessary.
More than four hundred years our literary language crushed and pressed. All real Belarusians destroyed, the remaining population. And with this population, thank God, punched some sprouts. Young people living with sight, one he wants something, not counting the tail of vodka and herring. "

Two-story blue and white manor house once served as a warehouse, shops, clubs and home life. Current church it gives one a small bell tower on top of the main facade.
Father Anatoly, strong-haired man in his fifties with a very watchful eye, the correspondent of "Liberty" met more conciliatory.
Reporter: "Should the church to participate in and support byelorussization byelorussization? Either it’s not a matter of the church?"
Anatoly: "Language — a private matter. This case nonreligious. But many people want to pray in the Belarusian language. Church is going to meet them. There are no obstacles, so that people can it mattersbe. I also know a little Belarusian language and not opposed to worship conducted in Belarusian, too. "
Reporter: "I know you have 10 kids."
Anatoly: "If people live according to the law of God, they are the cause of the birth of babies differently than people spiritless. "
Reporter: "And for you hard with 10?"
Anatoly: "It is hard. Why not seriously. But this difficulty unnoticed. If people have a 1 st or 2-kids, they say that it is very difficult."
Lower floor manor, malaasvetlenyya, vaulted rooms — this utility rooms and refectory. Specifically, the church is located on the second.
However, this nekananichnasts malehankih temple only adds to its convenience. I lit a candle for the dead svvayakov. In New Yard soon after I got Radunitsa.
Anatoly: "The difference between the living and the dead that we can still decide — which can be, and what not, to do good or evil. And they have nothing can not assist. And because the church as a zealous mother, fussing about them and encourages us to keep in mind about them, help them own prayers, their business in their name, we are trying to do. "

Novodvorsky constitute the backbone of the parish sisterhood believers after the introduction of the Temple of the Holy Virgin.
Ladies of different ages, different professions and from different villages. The main objective of the sisterhood — charity and rebuild the temple.
Reporter: "What do you give faith?"
Lady: "Faith — is the head of all things."
Lady: "All of our feelings, all our affairs — all associated only with faith."
Lady: "You get up in the morning going to the temple, and you did so makarom raduessya and around you close your escape."
Lady: "We are flawed because we do not know what love is. Humanly, we realize that it is something other-worldly. And it was the Lord. "
Lady: "Love, rejoice, to live."
Lady: "And others for a message."
Lady: "Faith — it’s a lifestyle."
Lady: "You have to be rich in God."
Lady: "In the kingdom of God will drive the SUV did not."
The oldest resident of New Court, Nadezhda Petrovna Yalaze, ninety five years that she lived in his native village. Beheld grandmother and Germans, and Poles. But the most terrible memoir Hope on foot during the Russian authorities.

Hope: "hunger strike, lice devour the whole body. In the 20s."
With his honorable age is not willing to put up hope. One regrets that he can not pray in the open church. 2nd floor is not for her legs.
Hope: "As one day lived. I do not even feel that I have lived so much. Somehow proparhali these years . "
Reporter: "A hunt still live?"
Hope: "Oh, of course, hunting. Reads What are you? Who wants to breathe How close the ground, it will not create no light, no trace. Nothing will build."
Liberal environment in a new backyard I found in other believers, pensioner Zinaida. Former accountant with progressive gaze. Sitting in the kitchen and chastuyuchysya tea, I enthusiastically listened Zinaida.
Mrs. quickly expressed its present-day version of the popular control of Belarus in the masses:
Zinaida: "His eyes light up when he can say something fried. It remained so to this day. If he can tell someone pakast, it appears light in the eyes. Neither the opposition, no one says that it squabbler . And it is his nature. This it all and he went. Since people love fried. And no need to think on what he has risen. Only on this. "
My last companion — also retired and also a believer. By faith, Mrs. Claudia came through the necessity of repentance. Claudia — a stout, cheeful aunt — a former kindergarten teacher.
Claudia: "As we were brought up? 20 eight kids. Prison principle. Who is stronger, he is right. Was I who? Overseer. Well, someday poglazhu on the head, if I can." Quick, go, go. "" Washes faster "" Eat! "" Get down! "
Reporter: "And what was taught? Grandpa Lenin loves?"
dia: "They taught. Currently I teach differently. Though trained to confession. If a man prays, he does not notice the time. He does not appreciate it, we appreciate it. Fly. And we have a special plant. So in garden. "frolic, come on, go." Children — motherfucker, educator — nevrastenik. "
Goodbye Mrs. Claudia shared her own successful formula of the future of Belarus. Not the worst option.
Claudia: "If your" Freedom "and, together with the Orthodox Church, so maybe people would breathe nothing."

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