New items videarynku: Overview Maxim Zhbankova

Summer is hard to find something on Russian screens zvyshyntelektualnae. But we have a real parade of business proposals. The best of them — Tape Stephen Soderberga "Thirteen Ocean." Past favorite art Gavzov Soderberg couple years ago decisively changed course. And now doing only light play in a pleasant friendly environment. Third series of adventures rogue Danny Ocean and his friends otvyaznyh no different from the past. And so it has all the chances of success.
Slightly who knows that the first "Friends of the Ocean" did back in the 1950s. Famous Rat Pack — "rat pack" big Hollywood stars, headed by Frank Synatram — then first appeared on screen together. Soderberg has a crowd — George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Andy Garcia. In the latest tape, they were joined Al Pacino. The viewer got another claim to a stellar appointment. On Actually there is no sensible plot, no acting. Just two o’clock good mood.
Main negative recollection — South American thriller "hunch." Directed Maine Yap does not hide his own desire to make benefis famously aunt Sandra Bullock. On This time it is realized in a housewife who at one point loses wife in the crash. That followed the morning behold him alive and well.
Further — more fun. Miss Bullock begins to jump in time from Friday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Saturday, from Saturday to Mon Why and for what — nobody knows. If this magical thriller — I’m sorry, where’s miracles? If we have a relationship with melyadramay home — for what claims to gatychnasts? And in general: Miss Bullock the drama does not pull. This movie unfulfilled promises. I knew all these misgivings — a sham.
And now — my personal choice this week. Never thought that a cheap horror zahaplyusya. But the "Jobs for the victim" former clipmaker Nimrod Antal — a real hit.
While waiting for the premiere of "Gryndgavzu" Tarantyna and Rodriguez, worth to spend time in the home of a couple that got into the nest case maniacs. This is not a fake, and a distinctive old-fashioned trash. The point, as our time is very useful. And constantly burning.

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