New Step war between the KGB and the Interior Ministry?

June 11 about the detention of a group of employees of the KGB, told Interfax news agency first deputy minister Interior Alexander Schurko.
"They were detained as suspects in corruption?", Explained to journalists and received from Alexander Schurko answer: "Yes" — Interfax.
It was also reported that it is the Prosecutor General of Belarus. With all this, on disk imaging agency, prosecutors information about the detention of "security officers" have not confirmed nor denied.
Conflicting information regarding detentions reported today, June 12. Managing public relations center Valery Nadtochaev KGB declined to comment on details. It was at noon:
"Have you read this information removed from Interfax? So read. So makarom, nothing for me to comment, "- said Nadtochaev.
One of the managers of the Belarusian branch of the agency confirmed to me that from its own disk imaging was not abandoned.
In the reception room, First Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Schurko connect with him refused. Managing the press service of the Ministry of Catherine Samusenkova-Shelehava answered for Head:
"He did not read. Official statement was not again I repeat. "
Journalists were warned not to touch unsafe topics
-Independent online media last week wrote about "a new round of war" between the police and the KGB.
According to these sources, the KGB detention by police officers was its response to last year’s arrest of a police colonel Ivan Klimenkova, who was convicted for corruption. In the web called the names of employees of the KGB and Metelitsa Miholapa that Tipo currently detained by the police for corruption.
But the evidence from official sources, no. Head of the press center of the prosecutor general Misha Vavulo now repeated: "Recorded Alexander Schurko not comment."
Journalist online edition also refused to comment: "We have been warned not to touch topic. "
Whether it is real, so that law enforcement agencies to settle scores? Last KGB of Belarus Valery Kostka recalled how during the KGB chairman Yuri Andropov policemen killed KGB Major:
"The reaction of the KGB then was very powerful in this case. Secret service always fighting for their shots, regardless of who is where. They are a collective defense. "
With all this Valery Kostka does not exclude that in the ranks of the KGB officers waded corrupt:
"Filters there were always stronger. But apparently, it is now easier and there is also hunted down by different people."
• The investigation alleges that police colonel scored 80 thousand bribes, 25.09.2006 • Ivan Vasilievich, Belarusian newspaper, 2.10.2006

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