Nice Belarusian singer Misha Zabeyda-Sumitsky prepares latest dovgagrayuchuyu plate

"Dawn of the West" in 1927 print resolution of the plenum of the Vitebsk district council of trade unions: "1. Issue 50 rubles Akrprafsavetu sums to build the aircraft, "Our response to Chamberlain." Second Expel adinachasna in designated fund friends plenum 1 works. payroll … Fourth Start immediately wide campaign befitting the middle of the broad masses of workers and employees for voluntary contributions and donations to the subscription lists, etc. assets in the fund, which is to raise questions at the regular meetings of companies and institutions. "
"Star" in 1937 has placed the subsequent announcement: "Distance Learning Institute of Mass Party activists in the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of June 27 in ’18 30 min. Kominterna name through radio transmits a lecture organized by the Department of Party propaganda and agitation of the CPSU (b) on the theme: "On some methods of the enemy." lecture read t.Vyshynski prosecutor of the USSR. Listen organized in radyepartavdytoryyah, partkabinetah personally and at home. "
"As we recently learned, nice Belarusian singer Misha Zabeyda-Sumitsky, who lives Prague prepares latest dovgagrayuchuyu plate — report in 1967 on this week Bialystok "Niva". — On This time Misha wants Zabeyda sing-song ballads Belarusian Belarusian poets’ lyrics … As will be appreciated, such a plate and there was no need for it is high. Welcome valuable initiative and look forward to the plate. "

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