Night Freedom Olga Karatkevich. June 5

Part 1:

• Milinkevich: Bush says Belarus remains the focus of the U.S.
• Interview with a former member of the Gomel City Council, a member of the organizing committee of the liberal-socialist movement "Together" Yuri Glushakova.
• Survey on the streets of Vitebsk — what prepyadstviya first should decide together the most advanced countries favorites?

• Ales Kamotskii sing Russian hits
2nd part:

• What is extraordinary and fascinating can lure in Belarus?
• Survey on the streets of Minsk — Belarusian what you think miracles which can be show tour?

• Belarusian Web at "Night Siege" takes Dmitry Podberezskaya.
• News Digest forward to.
• Report from the presentation of the anthology "Monologue" and the book of Adam Globus "Lirika.By"
• «Night rap." Poem Valerie Sectional.
• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Michal Oginski Cleophas.

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