Night Siege — 21 May

On forums portal Discussions are visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Comments:
"Lukashenka has friends — marginal";
"It’s amazing that there is discussed the question of Iran’s uranium enriched";
"In Minsk, the bank will be created with one hundred percent Iranian capital" — this idyll will last a long time? ";
"Well, where are these tankers (oil) on Svislochi? Hurry to come";
"So far from meeting with the president of Iran, we got the assembly shop" Samandov. "Do not be surprised if we get later increase import duties on cars";
"Meetings Lukashenko lead to international isolation, and nothing else is given."
In Network Blog Constantine Kozel participants and witnesses of a protest action against cancellation of privileges share their impressions from the events in Minsk on May 20:
"Output spoiled them (riot policemen) at least … trifle, but nice";
"Respect, keep it up!";
"What we care" peace officers "went! Under knob conduct, prompt way, pat on the head with a truncheon, in addition to the invited guests … Nothing for yourself";
"It was hard to … run over. Wearied. But we were together (!): Together came from classmates, co-found friend … the detainee’s own shameful for those who calls himself a student, who can be against cancellation of privileges, and did not come! Shame. "
The web site "Nasha Niva"Discussions are about the constituent assembly of the public movement" For Freedom "and the election of his favorite Milinkevich. Comments:
"For this handy year and two months — a theater rave";
"Milinkevich all prafukav March 19 2006. Why rock the boat now? His time has passed ";
"Against Milinkevich began the war by his former associates, and at the moment in a simple zavislivyya mediocrity";
On the website "Partizanfilm" has a new video for the song Andrew Romankevich dedicated to post-war anti-Soviet resistance.

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