Night Siege — 22 June

Explorer Publishing Network "Freedom" under the pseudonym A. Vlasov writes about upcoming calendar Bykovskaya date June 19 — day of birth — and June 22 — a day of destruction:
"Every year, the stone on the grave Bykov (posthumous gift Finnish PEN) comes less people. However, youth among them as before many comparable (and it can not entertain). (…) And there were two men in civilian cameras. Thought — let removed. All remain in history forever. We live after Bykov. But he is far from us. "
Blogger aliaksei refleksue about disk imaging legitimize computer networks in homes: "Personally, I’m glad. Everything will be officially with checks and other attributes of civilization. Will be looking for equipment, time substitute. Can be peck provider to the consumer exactly terrorism. With On the other hand, if the kids are willing to feed the wires between their computers and do not interfere with anybody, let them pave. "Comments:
"I’m for legalization because" irresponsible parties "does not suit me";
"It would be better to legalize nelegalnasts."
Vadim_i_z blogger shares information acquired by them for electric mail:
"Making service for hacking Mailbox. Price — 45 USD (Boxes on paid servers — expensive). 1st Advance — $ 10 2nd Waiting — a day or 1-3. 3rd … Discount on your next order. Comments:
"Conclusion — e-mail is better to specify the one that perfectly protected, not on a public server";
"Why do they post and our" Learn "?";
"For the foolishness or" kamprametatsyi. "
Copa Belarusian under the name e-ndrus publishes his diary satire on people who work in favor emituyuts belarushchyny for cynical interests:
"Conference in Vilnius Conference in Washington, conveyed greetings Kalyakin. Say from Zeno.
Oh, let it be all we have so for themselves. I nallyu mug for yourself, then a mug … Sorry, Belarus, now I fry.
Discuss the strategy! Sign an agreement! Later, go to the banquet with the staff, I’ll drink to the revival of … "
*** All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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